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Star Trek: Renegades


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It has been seven long years since Enterprise left the air, and though we’ve had the recent big screen adaptation of Gene Roddenberry’s futuristic vision (and the sequel coming next year), we feel the true home of Star Trek is as a continuing episodic series. The goal of this project is to make that happen.

We, the team who brought you Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, are proud to announce Star Trek: Renegades, a professionally produced television pilot to be presented for a possible online series.

It looks really good! The only way is can be a series is if they raise $200,000 by the 27th! There almost there! So im asking you guys to help support this project! If you can contribute anything please do it! Its Star Trek how can you say no!!????


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All i can say is Good Luck, i would help if i could.


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I realize this has been out for a while, now.
But though I do not care for FanFilms at all,
I subjected myself to Star Trek: Renegades ...
Mostly, because of Tim Russ' involvement,
as well as Walter Keonig's. And I was ... aghast.

It looks like Amateur Night - despite the big names.
And it has cured me, perhaps forever, of my very mild
curiosity, regarding FanFilms. It's deserving of a Razzie ...


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@2takesfrakes.. you're probably thinking 'Of Gods and Men' . Star Trek Renegades is currently being made .

I actually enjoyed Of Gods and Men , and an interesting rumour is that JJ Abram's first Star Trek Movie was based on this !

I have also heard of a number of good actors who are to be in Star Trek Renegades !


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I enjoyed watching Star Trek Of gods and men. I absolutely welcome a Star Trek (fan) series that is situated in the 24th century, with the original timeline intact!

I also enjoy watching Star Trek New Voyages / Phase II  created by James Cawley.

I think it is fantastic that there are fans who are so enthusiastic! They put in their free time, skills and more to create Star Trek (fan) series that really are superb and wonderful to watch! They keep the Star Trek spirit alive!


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My Suspension of Disbelief cannot withstand
the unchecked amateurism, pedestrian scripts,
incompetent effects and inadequate budgets of
FanMadeFilms ... and it doesn't matter how I try!

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