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Vulcan philosophy


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are vulcans purely logical beings or do they practice logic +some deep rooted beliefs ?

ofcourse not all vulcans are purely logical ,but those who follow suraks teachings .for example when spock says "needs of many outweigh needs of few" that statement is not logical ,i think it is a vulcan belief may be thats why it is being perpetuated by a "one liner" or a 'quote' among vulcans ,if its logical it would come in to the mind of all vulcans naturally


→ is it logical to kill one person if it cures the headache of 1000 people

→is it logical to redistribute wealth of a country if majority is getting poorer (obamanistration)




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Vulcans reportedly have emotions like everyone else.  They just work very hard, to conceal them from others.

As with all races, some Vulcans may be more intelligent and/or more logical than others.  They can't all be leaders, can they?

Numbers play a factor in logical decisions, but priorities would include saving lives and not throwing away lives foolishly--like your aspirin question.

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This brings 2 words to mind: Amok Time, And Pon Farr! 

Romulans are awesome. This is a fact. I am a firm believer in the fact that someday romulans will rule the galaxy. AND LOGIC WILL DIE (take that spock)

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