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Chief of the Boat


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  I have always wondered why there is not a Chief of the Boat on any Star Trek vessel.  I am former military (USMC and US Army) and from my Marine Corps experience with the Navy, every navel vessel has a Chief of the Boat aboard.  He/She is the senior enlisted person on the vessel and is the Captian's senior enlisted advisor.  He/She is a member of enlisted personal promotion boards, the Captian's advisor during punishment (Captian's Mast), and ensures the training of all enlisted personel aboard the vessel just to name a few of the Chief of the Boat's important duties.

  I understand the series has a limited number of "stars" however, as a matter of experience, a Chief usually has between 3-12 yrs more experience on the job than their OIC (Officer in Charge).

  I think it would be really cool if they could integrate that position in any future Star Trek adventures.


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Yea... there's been several discussions here over the years about the lack of NCOs being main characters in the series.


At least with DS9, they had Senior Chief O'Brien.


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A ship would have quite a few Chief Petty Officers.  I don't know who would be the senior CPO, though.

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