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Crowd sourcing a great new Star Trek game


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Hi all,

You like me are probably tired and frustrated by the lack of quantity and quality of the Star Trek games we are currently presented with. You like me also probably have some past favorites that you would like to see remade. It appears to me that large game developers are weary of touching certain franchises (Star Trek being one of them) because of various reasons.

Here are some Titles I would like to see remade (or followed up on): Star Trek Armada (popular ST game series that a new game is highly desired and requested but fell on deaf ears of the developer Bethsida and Mad Doc software), Star Trek Bridge Commander, Star Trek Elite force, Star Trek Echoes of the past (a Sega Genesis game and one of my all time favorite iterations of a Star Trek game - I would love to see this one remade).

Because of the reluctance of developers to remake a game (such as listed above), to make follow ups to those games or to make their own games I think crowd sourcing might be the answer. Look at how well crowd sourcing is going for Star Citizen (a Wing Commander remake).

I am not a game developer nor do I know the first place to start. I am looking forward to hearing from you and more importantly somehow finding a way to get a great Star Trek game started (crowd sourced or not). Are there any developers out there who would go with this? Who do we talk to? Do we start an online petition? So on and so forth...



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