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Star Trek –The Federation is the most profound, adventurous, limitless, and omnipresence Star trek ever conceived.  The capability of omnipresent frees the writers from many chronology boundaries.  The storyline covers four centuries of the federation, including tales about the Starships and their crews, Star bases and their personnel, the colonies of the federation and its population, their medical ships, and   their great missions of humanity and rescue.   The stories include interesting details about their ships.  Star Trek—The Federation gives their audience an inside look at shipyards, where all types and classes of ships are designed, built and tested.  The Federation tells the untold the stories of the engineers and their challenges in constructing deep space stations in unexplored and dangerous parts of the galaxy. 

Starfleet commands, San-Francisco day-to-day duties and orders of high brass are explored along with life on earth during this exiting time.  With a full circle in mind, divided into eighths, four to six regularly aired, with two to four left to experiment with a fringe, a testing freedom.  Keep in mind that each of these eight divisions yet staying in there theme has four time periods to play with.  It is a writer’s dream.                                                                                                                                            


Starfleet Intelligence Section 31.  SI-31 is the IMF of the federation.  The premise of SI-31 is that their ship and crew “don’t exist”.  Their ship [the widow] is illegal by normal federation protocol on ship construction and   capabilities.  They do what cannot be acknowledged.  [Widow] Has a complement of fifteen, she is equipped with phase-cloak technology- [Yes, she can not only cloak but also travel through solid matter.] Widow is also heavily armed with photon, quantum and genesis torpedoes.  She also has phase- disruptors instead of standard phasers.  She is equipped with three types of shields, all state-of-art, and one in particular is an energy-armored shield.  Widow has the most advance computer ever conceived.  Widow is the ship and the computer capable of hologram imagery [in normal state as a beautiful woman] with mobile emitter and shape-shifter technology with all the attributes of Spock or data in information.  Yes, widow is a member of the crew, a member of SI-31. 

The members of SI-31 are the best of the best.  These agents are hidden in plain sight among the federation as shipyard hands, cooks, barbers, and in positions of prestige as well.  The secret section 31 is hidden inside the asteroids in our solar system, particularly the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Only phase-cloaked can these secret bases be reached.  SI-31 infiltrates agencies such as [the Romulan Tal-Shiar, the Cardasian Obsidian Order, the Vulcan V-Shar. ] as well as the Vorta, the Jem’hadar, in the Gamma quadrant, and  yes Starfleet itself.   Foreign or domestic SI 31 does what needs to be done for the sovereignty of the federation.  SI 31 does not set out to cross the line; they have already across it.  Make no mistake about SI 31. The prime directive and all of the federation ethics are observed and honored [from the other side of the line.][Cowboy diplomacy]

Obviously surgical alterations are a big part of SI 31.  Therefore the best doctors are a part of the crew, as well as anthropologist, psychologist, scientist, physics etc. all led by Captain Jake Sisco.  All of SI-31 missions are top secret and extreme.  Widow itself is fringe, a ship with a conscious that understands just as any crewmember the importance of secrecy, to the point of self-destruction.  This concept of Star Trek/Mission Impossible is extremely fascinating and exciting.

                   [SI31 SOLO IN CONJUNCTION SHOW]                                                                                                        

TITLE STAR TREK SI31. Capt. Jake sisco, the Widow and crew are stationed at star base 47 in a SI substation. This part of star base 47 and its hangers are restricted and heavily secured. Star base 47 is the home for this elite ship and crew outside of section 31 in our solar system asteroid belt. Widow with phase-cloak and hologram technology can project herself as any known star or space ship and mimic their warp signagers.Shashannie commander of star base 47 has this aspect to deal with on top of her other situations mentioned in [STF STAR BASE 47 DIVISION 5C].Capt. Jake Sisco and commander Shashannie grow very close over time. Who knows where this relationship may lead. Shashannie has competition in a unique way, a beautiful holographic woman called WIDOW. Yes Widow is special a ship a computer with a conscious and it appears possible human emotions as time goes on. Sisco gets his orders. The mission reads as follows. [The romulan Tal-Shiar has obtained top-secret information on the crossbow a top-secret pulsar-class star ship. The data is in code but it will not take long to decrypt the code. His mission is to retrieve the data, replace it with false data, discover, and naturalize the Tal-Shiar method of infiltration without the raising of any suspicion of federation involvement or knowledge of the theft for the sake of our spies.] This I believe is a proper and exiting pilot for this show. This mission as well as future missions of SI31 consists of all sorts of trickery and deceit with all sorts of spy gadgets and methods, only in the 24th century. This 24th century star trek mission impossible will make a mark all of its own. SI31 missions can span all over the galaxy, and into every venue of star trek, even time travel as well as alternate universes.


                                                                                          [IN CONJUNCTION] STAR BASE 47. Star base 47 has adventures that are separated from SI31. This describes separate shows that can meet and part at our discretion. Weather we go with making one show out of two or not SI31 is a hit. Keep in mind the potential of STF, with this show we can show other SI31 teams and missions as well as experiment with other star trek concepts. The S.S. valiant expedition 200 years prior to where no man has gone before can be enjoyed by star trek fans and sci-fi fans. We can explore the early voyages of that beautiful ship USS Essex Daedalus class starship before it was destroyed. We will explore the other eleven constitution class starships and some of their adventures. Star trek the federation like the show NIGHT GALLERY or ALFRED HITCHCOCK has a different story every episode. A different story every episode only based on the four centuries star trek. The feedback will determined a spinoff or not or another story or not on a particular episode. There is so much documentation on star trek that accesses to storylines are almost endless, not to mention the imagination that is endless. One other thing to keep in mind is the retro effect needed on episodes in the 23rd century. Same haircuts, uniformes, music narration [DA-DA-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUNDA-DUN-DA.] Ship shueww, engine sound everything. Most important the 1966 attitude which radiates from the original show. The actors of today must capture and harness the style of actors in the 60s. Yes, they must act like the actors acting, not in a particular character but in a particular style, attitude and method some might say in nonprofessional term overact.





Starfleet Medical Spans from headquarters to medical bases for veterans to medical ships.  My favorite is the USS ST.  Elizabeth.   She’s a large medical Star ship with a complement of 900 staff of doctors, nurses, surgeons, scientist, orderlies etc.  There is also security, ambassadors, lawyers, clergymen and anthropologist, for obvious reasons dealing with other worlds, cultures, laws and religions.  USS ST. Elizabeth bed and transport capacity is 2,500, outside of [transporter stasis flux] that have the capability of keeping 10,000 being in stasis in transporter flux.  [Yes, she can evacuate and save many lives.  Built for that purpose she is.]

USS ST.  Elizabeth is also well armed and armored.  She is a Starship of a medical vocation.  She has a host of medical run-a-bouts, shuttles and portable shelters.   USS ST. Elizabeth goes in after battles in space, as well as on planets.  She deals with saving lives after natural disasters on planets, moons, asteroids wherever people are in need.  During less tragic times, she is exploring new cures to a host of diseases.  USS ST.   Elizabeth is equipped with 50 labs; all are eject-able from the ship.  Captain John Calloway, a trained Starfleet officer and doctor, deals with all types of situations of medicine, war, famine, disease and tragedies.  On board is his wife Samantha and son John Jr. both are doctors as well. However, Samantha is a civilian as many of the doctors on board are.   There is more than just a mixture of military and civilian on board, the medical crew also consists of doctors from many federation and non-federation planets.  [Yes, Vulcan, Bajoran, Klingon, Ferengi, etc.]  The adventures are awaiting everywhere writers!


Starfleet Engineering, [well, where is the adventure there?] Star Trek success, I believe, is not just in raising shield, arming phasers and beaming down, nor solely in its exploratory and science aspects.  [Lower your eyebrows or raise them]  The qualities mentioned are without doubt a huge part of its success, but the human aspect of Star Trek is its greatest attribute.   Imagine the day in day out challenges at the utopia planitia shipyard, where new Star ships of all classes and types are designed built and tested.  Some go into main production; some for whatever reason do not. [Yes, hidden here are designer and engineering adventures.]The Starfleet core of engineers onboard the USS Caterpillar, a Starfleet construction ship, one of many constructing DS5 or the Argus array.  [You see, the people who built the federation with their own hands bring out the essence of humanity in the federation as it does in all civilizations.]  [Scotty would be proud] With creative writers, this spoke in the wheel of Star trek the federation will be something refreshing special and successful. 


Rigel 7-Vintage Star Trek.  A setting I think would do well by Starting the pilot in 23rd century, 2250-2270.  [Yes, die-hard Star Trek fans [Trekies] would love and appreciate this.]  Using a throw-back setting, the constitution class Star ship, phases, tricorders, transporters, hair-cuts, uniforms, yes, miniskirt dresses theme music, the horns and drums within the show and most important the 1960s mentality.  (We want Rigel-7 to seem like truly lost 1960s episodes original clarity no HD).  [Wow! Listen, many ships plus Starships visit the rigel-system especially the orions who deal in mining and slavery. The Rigelians are complicit in this as well.]   After all, you know the Orion women are irresistible. Thought at first to be slaves to the men, only to find out the men are slaves to the women.  In addition, they caught and sold slaves. 

This sets the goal of the writers to lead two famous Star trek civilization that is capable of space travel, one lead by women, [who the majority do not condone slavery; only the ones in power does] and   are advanced in technology to repentance and change.   Yes, the federation cannot allow slavery and the road to help change an injustice is one of the duties of the federation.  This open the way for Rigelians and orions to be a part of the federation in the24th century and allows even greater learning and   appreciation of these civilizations.  Imagine that green woman shown with the credits at the end of the original Star trek episode now a Starfleet officer.  The 60s civil right movement manifested.  [That is an important subliminal of Star trek.] Whichever way we go, I believe, Rigel-7 at the least is a good fringe of Star trek.  [Remember the freedom Star Trek the federation gives; that is the beauty of this show.]


Star base 47 is one of the busiest Star bases in the federation.  Commanded by Vulcan female [Shashannie], a pretty woman and single.  She is dealing with not just her duties, but also a kid brother fresh out of the academy temporally under her command.  She and her sister, Shahlay, who is two years younger, cared for him and each other when their parents were reported missing on a Vulcan top secret mission.   Their parents were members of the Vulcan V-Shar.  

She also has to deal with the fact that her sister is a renegade well respected in the underworld she dwells in. Commander Shashannie takes heat for her sister’s actions and begins to resent her sister for her choice in lifestyle.  Shashannie does not understand why her sister chose a life of corruption, but Shashannie will come to find that there is a lot more she does not understand about her little sister.  From smugglers, terrorist, Star ships, to base duties, family, and romance she lives an exciting and adventurous life.   This pericope of Star trek The Federation should circle [Shashannie] though it has titled Star base 47.  The personal aspect will give this spoke in wheel of [STF] a distinct personality.  Also being Vulcan we might or should be able to cross from [c=24th century] to [d=25thcentury]


Star trek Albatross is about a super deep space carrier with a crew of 3500.  She carries a small fleet of small ships from fighters to science ships.  Albatross is specifically built for the Gamma quadrant.  Her mission is to go thru the wormhole on the out skirts of the Bajoran home world.  After final systems and personnel check at DS9, her ten-year mission begins.  Albatross will go so deep and   far that Starfleet will not be able to assist her in any timely manner or way.  She is on her own, and   stabilization of the wormhole is unsure.  Scientist speculates it to collapse in 15 to 20 years.  Her mission is to explore this part of the galaxy while we can.  Albatross is one of a kind there is not another craft like her.  If need be she is designed to never come home.  The founders are aware of her mission and some Vorta’s are aboard, but she is going beyond their explored part of the Gamma quadrant. 

In addition, the Jem’hadar has rebels that are indignant after the founders let the Breen take the point in battle against the federation.  [They do not accept defeat, nor do the Breen.  So we have some un-happy campers to deal with plus the unknown and no back up.]  All of this was considered when building the Albatross.  She is a very mighty ship, the most powerful ever built by the federation.  [Another spoke in the wheel of Star Trek—The Federation. 

Starfleet headquarters division [4a-4b-4c-4d]

Starfleet Headquarters/Starfleet command is naturally set in San Francisco.  The Headquarter includes the academy, the federation council, the retired Starfleet offices, and the president of Earth.   [All the spokes meet here at the center in four distinct centuries.  Yes, the 22nd  century  where it began,  the time of the warp 5 Star ship Enterprise and Columbia; the 23rd  century , Captain Pike, Kirk and Spock’s time; the 24th century, the time of the galaxy class Starships and;  the 25th century, the time of the Neptune class Starcarriers.  [Writers from near and far will delight in this great adventure.] 


Star Trek—The Federation is the ultimate Star Trek concept:                                                                      

Think of it:

·         Multiple venues from every aspect of Star trek, four centuries in many, if not all, of these venues.

·         The Star Trek—The Federation concept has the ability to spin-off new shows,  visit old shows, especially [DS9], which left us all hanging by our toes even to this day. 

·         It gives us the freedom of keeping what works and getting rid of what does not with little or no loss. 

·         The increase in chronology freedom and do not forget the alternate universe darkly.  Just like Star trek/ Star trek next generation/Star Trek Deep Space 9/Star Trek Voyager/Star trek Enterprise

·          It is a Star Trek that once again “Goes where no one has gone before”.  [Star Trek-The Federation.]


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Thats a good concept lots of the interworkings of the federation rather than just a star hip don't forget there is the academy and tacticle/security training, diplomats, ambassadors  I wish they would start making more episodes. Lots you can do with this idea


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