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What's the best and worst Original Series movie and what's the best and worst Next Generation movie?


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So for TOS it was hard for me to make an order but here it is..

1. The Wrath of Khan

2. The Search for Spock

3. The voyage Home

4. The Undiscovered Country

5. The Final Frontier

6. The Motion Picture

TWOK has always been one of my all time favortie movies and it was easy to put that one first. TSFS and TVH were close a 2nd and 3rd. TFF and TMP were two movies i didnt nearly enjoy as much as the others but still both great movies.


For TNG it was not as diffcult to put an order down.

1. First Contact

2. Nemesis

3. Generations

4. Insurrection


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Quote: Blockman @ Jan. 10 2013, 2:56 am


>Quote: Vger23 @ Jan. 09 2013, 6:28 pm

>"Insurrection was bad, but it wasn't bad because the Enterprise wasn't on the front lines of the Dominion War somewhere. It was bad because it had a weak, wattered down story. I think it's odd that the reason you say the movie was "bad" was simply because it didn't have a plot focused on a point you thought it should have focused on. It was "bad" because it was poorly written. Period."


>yeah, INS was bad tho.

but DS9 had it going on!




Well played, sir.




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My favorite TOS film was definitely The Voyage Home. But that's really for the humor and fun of it, so The Undiscovered Country gets the honorable mention for story. Personal and high-stakes. Love it.

My least favorite TOS film is definitely The Search for Spock. Really, it was just an errand slowed down by a dull, uninteresting villain.

My favorite Next Generation movie is Insurrection. Debatable ethical dilemmas like the one in this movie are a big part of why I love Star Trek. It actually deals with right and wrong, the needs of the many vs the needs of the few. Or their rights..? It's fun to ponder.

Least favorite Next Generation movie is Nemesis. Because Wrath of Shinzon.



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>Wrath of Khan is the worst TOS. Personally, the whole idea of revenge doesn't appeal to me. If you do that in a story, it has to be absoutely perfect. I thought the plot and the characters were weak. 


>This film is the start of when the franchise veered off from the idea of "to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and civilizations, to boldly go where no man/one has gone before". This idea is what made Star Trek unique. If I don't see that, it isn't true Star Trek in my eyes, it's just an ordinary Sci Fi. That's why I like TFF, Generations, and Insurrection. In TFF, a new concept, a new world, with a new lifeform. In Generations, a new concept, a new place. In Insurrection, a new concept, a new world, a new lifeform.>


Did you miss the brand new world the Genisis device created at the end?   Plus, they did explore new worlds.. the world of aging.  The crew, the ship and StarFleet itself was aging.  That, to me, was taking a big risk.. pure Star Trek IMHO.




I have an emotional fondness for the TOS films.  Most of them.. okay.. all of them, as films are seriously flawed.  Two of them less than other films;  The Wrath of Khan and The Undisovered Country.    The rest of the Trek films I can take or leave. (granted, I have the TOS films on my HD)   


Starting with the worst;  The Search for Spock. This is unbearable. Nemoy could not manage to pull it off. The script is fine, though it could have used another draft.  But it comes across as a bunch of scenes strung together aimed specificly for the fans and what they would like to see in a Trek film. Search For Spock falls in on itself.


Nemesis;  The Wrath of Shinzon.   Paramount and Rick Berman were so lazy and unimaginative, they stole from their own franchise.


Heck, I find all the TNG films to be fluff at best (as films)  Generations has the Nexus .. which is a great concept, but it falls just shy of pushing that idea forward.  


The Voyage home and the [slow] Motion Picture, I have a soft spot for.  While the [slow] Motion picture is.. painfully slow.. with little to no dramatic tension to push it forward.   Granted, the directors cut does manage to pick up the pace..and remove the worst "Shatnerisim" in all trek history  ("VIEWER OFF!")    My fondness for the [slow] Motion Picture will be cemented in my heart because it opened the weekend of my 15th birthday.   Even while I was bitching and moaning out loud at the screen while watching it the first time, I still enjoyed it.    My fondness for the Voyage home stems from watching it opening day in San Francisco.  It was a blast to watch it with a theater packed with hopeful trekkies - and we were in the city.  It was wierd to exit the theater into the city after we had been taken for a ride around.. the city.   


The Final Frontier, I have mixed feelings for. I love and hate this one.  Yes, its rushed, the ending does not live up to the buildup when they find "god". Yes, Uhura's "fan dance" is a joke.  Yes, the one liners/asides; Bones: "if I'm not careful, I might wind up talking to myself" (as he's talking to himself out loud)  were a bit much.   However, I loved what it strived to be; the sense of ourselves is who we are.  Taking responsiblity for our lives is a bold statement. When Kirk is offered to have his pain removed by Sybok, he stands his ground as only Kirk could ever do.  "No. I need my pain."   That was the heart and soul of this story for me.   Wish the rest of the film could have lived up to that moment, but eh.  Oh.. I would like to add that this film does activly include the cast as part of the story, not just because they were in the show.   


Did I mention, I cannot watch, Search for Spock at all?


Now for the best -


Khan, the directrors cut, while it has a few glitches in the script (not talking about Checkov) But a few inconsistencies are easily overlooked because of the strong CHARACTERS and story.  As mentioned previously, they took a huge risk in actually showing the age of Star Trek and the characters.      I could go on, but Most fans know that if it were not for Khan, the franchise would have died.


The Undiscovered Country was a classy send off for the original cast.   I could hav e done without the silly Kilingon Translation scene.  Uhura, a communications officer in a state of [cold] war, with constant exposure to the enemy, should have been fluent in Klingon.  There were a few plot holes.. but what movie doesn't?


Again, I  find the TNG  films to be fluff, at best.  




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The Wrath of Khan is definitley the best TOS movie (AND THE GREATEST  STAR TREK FILM)- it is also one of Quentin Tarantino's favorite movies. Its full of memorable scenes- it also stands on its own as a great movie.

Worst TOS movie is probably Final Frontier, however, it is not nearly as tedious as The Motion Picture

Best TNG movie is easily First Conact- although it annoyed me the Borg suddenly had a queen in that movie (made the Borg less scary). Nevertheless, it stands up as a good movie. But I do have to say I have a very big soft spot for Generations (I know, I know). 

Worst TNG film would be Nemesis without a doubt.

. Take that Nemesis

On the whole, the TOS movies, with the exception of The Motion Picture and The Final Frontier, are much better than the TNg ones.
































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Wow, all the hate for the TNG movies!

For TOS:

The Wrath of Kahn and the Voyager Home are both really good. It's hard to choose between them.

For the worst, probably The Final Frontier, followed by The Motion Picture.

For TNG:

Best: FIRST CONTACT! That was the coolest movie ever! I can't understand why people don't like it!

Worst: I found Insurrection kind of boring. It wasn't that bad, but all the stuff about Picard and that creepy lady who controls time doesn't really apeal to me.

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Best original series movie was Khaaan!!!! Worst was Star Trek 5
Best tng movie first contact worst was nemesis, although I understand why some people say insurrection.

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TOS-era movies... The best, I think, is a tossup between II and III.  The worst was TMP.  While I really didn't enjoy V as much (with all my love to the Shat, the man can't direct--sorry.) TMP wasn't a movie at all.  It would have been a good episode, which is exactly what it was.  But an hour-long story with an hour of redundant and unneccessary special effects is just a bad, bad movie.

TNG--by far the best was First contact, although I do have love for Insurrection and Nemesis (I don't understand why Nemesis is rated so poorly).  The weakest TNG movie has to be Generations.  It was meant to be a "passing of the torch" between crews... great idea, awesome story... BAD execution.  It felt too forced.


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Best original: The Voyage Home

Worst original: The Motion Picture


Best TNG: First Contact

Worst TNG: Nemesis


I dislike Nemesis with a passion, and I don't consider it cannon. Awful in every way.


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Quote: oz425 @ Feb. 05 2013, 5:34 am

>I dislike Nemesis with a passion, and I don't consider it cannon. Awful in every way.

Why? What, aside from your own opinion, makes it awful?

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In my opinion it goes like this:

1- Wrath of Khan

2- First Contact

3- Undiscovered Country

4- Search for Spock

5- The Future Begins

6- Voyage Home

7- The Motion Picture

8- Generations

9- Nemesis

10- Final Frontier

11- Insurrection


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The best TOS movie for me is The Voyage Home, & the worst is The Final Frontier. The best TNG movie is First Contact, hands down. But I can't decide which of the others was my worst. I guess it would have to be Generations.


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I can't say which original series movie was really the best as several were quite good. I think the worst is probably V but I don't believe that it's really as bad as people say it is.

I'm with most people in believing that First Contact was the best Next Generation movie. The worst is unquestionably (for me anyway) Nemesis. I've never been able to sit through Nemesis to this day.

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I love Wrath of Khan, but I have to part with the majority and say that Undiscovered Country is my favorite TOS movie. After seeing Final Frontier, I refused to watch another TOS movie for years and therefore, didn't see Undiscovered until 2002. I was amazed at the difference. I liked how it paralleled the fall of the USSR and subsequent peace with the US. I liked how it was dedicated to the memory of Gene Roddenberry at the beginning, and I loved the murder mystery, the character interaction, and the fact that TOS ended on such a grand note.

My favorite TNG movie is obviously First Contact. I love when Star Trek fills in its little bits of imaginary history, and seeing the first contact with Vulcans leading to the beginning of the Enterprise NX-01 era was great stuff. In fact, filling in the Khitomer accord in Undiscovered is another reason why I like that one best too. I didn't really like any other TNG movie very much. Generations was alright until Picard entered the nexus, then it just got silly for me. Insurrection would have made a good two part episode, but didn't really seem important overall especially since it took place during the Dominion War when hundreds of ships and millions of Federation members were dying. In fact, I think Betazed was just invaded before the whole thing with the S'ona and Baku and Deanna was not the least bit concerned, but distracted by her raging hormones and Riker again. Nemesis was a tragedy not only to TNG but to the entire franchise. I don't wish to discuss it further.

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Best TOS movie: STAR TREK (2009)



Worst TNG movie: NEMESIS

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