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Were the Borg Q's fault?


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Do you all believe that Q was entirely at fault for introducing the Federation to the Borg? Or was it perhaps inevitable that they would eventually meet?


Maybe the Federation would have been better prepared to face the Borg if they were allowed more time to develop. If so, what do you think would have happened?


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>The Borg were aware of The Federation through prior assimilations they had encountered before ever reaching Federation Space? I told you to lay off the blue pills. And if you suddenly stop your insult attacks then you are admitting defeat so why 'rub salt into your wounds' of embarrassment? You want more? Keep coming back. LOL



Seven of Nine was 4 when her parents embarked on the USS Raven, and was 7 when she was assimilated. She was a Borg for 18 years, making her 25 when Voyager picked her up. She was introduced in Voyager 11 years after Q Who, so she would have been a borg for 7 years by the time the Federation officially made contact in Q who.

Both Ferangi and Vulcans have lower borg designation numbers, so it is logical to assume they where assimilated first. The Borg would know of the Federation from them. Q probably made the Borg realize the Federation was a great asset, but I doubt they had never known about them before.

And yes, meeting the Borg would have been inevitable, anyway. Voyager would have been the first to make contact, but even it they didn't, at some point the Federation would journey farther into the Gamma and Delta quadrents, and eventually run into both the Borg and the Dominion.

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It bothers me that you would make this statement:


"Do your homework before you embarrass yourself again and again and again..."

Following this statement:

"Have you ever seen a Ferengi Borg? The Borg assimilate humans ONLY."

...when this is CLEARLY wrong. 

Star Trek: First Contact depicted several alien Borg including a number of Klingon Cardassian, and Bolian Borg drones...







So, let's just ease back on the excitement for now, shall we?


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I think Q was trying to help the Federation by showing them a very powerful danger coming their way, rather than letting the Borg blindside them and wipe out their civilizations.

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Q was definetly the cause of the borg's attempt to assimilate the federation. sure the borg knew about us, but they only assimilated ships like the RAVEN and the TOMBAUGH. Those ships were not nearly as advanced as the ENTERPRISE-D. So when Q sent the ENTERPRISE-D, it got the borg to come to them to get their technology. So Q was the reason the Borg came to the federation. Hence he was the cause


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When Q takes the Enterprise to meet the Borg that was the first encounter up till that point. Everything else was written well after that. They even mention the Borg are aware of the federation now and will be coming. the writers absolutly intended that to be the first meeting.



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In the st:tng episode, "The Nuetral Zone" the romulan outposts are ravaged in a strange way. When the planets are scanned in "Q-who" wesley or data says that are like the planets they saw in that episode. I believe that the romulans never reveal the nature of said is possible that Q is simply prepping his favrite pets for something that is already amongst or close to amongst them that would wipe them out if he hadn't prepped them. Seems like Q always plays an annoyingly helpful role when he shows up...


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That was weird how the Borg were first mentioned as already being in Federation Space on that early episode "The Neutral Zone". But when the Enterprise first runs into the Borg they're in a far away unexplored part of the galaxy as a result of Q's power.

It was also implied the Borg didn't know anything about the existence  of humans despite them attacking those Federation bases well before the Q episode.



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The NX-01 had to deal with the Borg leftover from First Contact.which would make that date the earliest interaction with someone from Starfleet of that era.

the destroyed Romulan bases were implied to be Borg later on but never fully confirmed i believe. I think they wanted the Borg then but didn't end up using them until Q.

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