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Other Worlds and Infertile Humans


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This idea came to me after recently watching Prometheus. In the movie Dr. Shaw is not able to get pregnant through normal human conception methods. But when she is impregnated with an Alien seed that was picked up by Dr. Holloway the possibility of infertile humans on Earth might be for another reason.

Even though Dr. Shaw was not able to conceive through human copulation her body was still able to combine with Alien DNA to create that created the egg sack from which she gave birth to the new breed of Alien.

Just suppose for a moment that infertile humans here on Earth who cannot become pregnant or get a femal pregnant might actually be a Universal sign that we are not alone.

Basically such humans would exist on other planets where they too were also infertile until they encountered infertile humans from Earth. Their DNA would match up thus creating a new species of humans that would create a link between Earth and the newly found Earth like planet so that a common bond would be found between both human species from Earth and Planet X.


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Many suspect human-alien hybrids exist among us, already.  Who can tell?

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