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two questions


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I have a question about metaphasic shielding:

The Ferengi scientist Dr. Reyga invented metaphasic shielding in 2369.  It enabled a vessel’s shield to withstand the intensity of a star’s corona. Although he was murdered, to discredit him, Dr. Beverly Crusher proved that he was right.

Later, in 2370, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge developed what he called the Metaphasic shield program 1, for the USS Enterrpise-D.  It also worked, luring an enemy ship to its destruction.

So, since then, has anything been done with metaphasic shielding since then?

Also, I have a question about Terlina III:

Dr. Noonien Soong established a laboratory on Terlina III, an uninhabited planet in the Terlina planetary system.  In 2367, he summoned Data and Lore there, and he was killed.

Since he was widely known to be such a cybernetics genius, someone probably has already visited his lab and taken everything out of it.  But, if it is in Federation space, Starfleet might want to go there and set up their own laboratory—especially if they could find something of his that has been left or overlooked.  He doesn’t have any descendants—other than, perhaps, B4—so Starfleet might be able to legally claim possession of it.

What do you think?

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Interesting Question ! There was a book put out a few years back called Star Trek Maps by Geoffrey Mandel . I think it can still be obtained through Amazon.. 

Also , I checked online , and there is a site for this:

This site is very very slow to enter ! But it showed Terlina in or near Federation Space , although without zoom widgets it was difficult to manoeuvre !

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