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Just Finished the Series


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And loved it, it has been a long time since I watched it since the 90s, and never in a row (and a matter of a couple of weeks!) It is by far my favorite Star Trek series, and Garak, Odo, Quark and Damar were my favorite characters (though honestly, I liked most of the main cast characters - Julian and O'Brian had some pretty amusing moments!) and the most defining image of the series for me was when Odo was being escorted from DS9 to return to the link due to the illness. The nobility, awe and respect I had for his character made me feel as though I was sharing the experience with the rest of the station!

But now that it is over, I was wondering if anyone knew which books to get to follow these characters and DS9. I wasn't sure whether to ask here or the book section, but seeing as this is the DS9 board, I was hoping you guys could help me put the books into chronological order so I can follow these characters again!

Thanks for your time! Oh yes, and hello!

Ambassador Morn

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Well if you go to

Scroll to the bottom to see the suggested order on how the books should be read. Its what I used to get started.

Susan Shalabi Molano

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Like you, I just finished the 2nd viewing on DS9. My favourites in the 1st round were Odo and Garak and to a lesser degree, Dukat, but then my list grew larger with the Dominion Arc and all. DS9 had the blessing of having so many excellent actors..

Well, I'd advice you to read what I'm reading. The millenium series. There's also the worlds of DS9

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