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Ripped shirt


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Is it just me, or did kirk try to get his shirt ripped in every fight? I recently watched Space Seed, and kirk ripped his shirt fighting khan. He also ripped his shirt fighting Spock in Amok Time, as well as numerous other episodes. I remember him doing it in Shore Leave to. So what do you think, did he do it on purpose?

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I would assume it was intentional, but I don't know if it was Shatner's idea. I just wish it woulda happened to more of the women he was with. Specifically, the dancer from Wolf in the Fold or Miramanee from The Paradise Syndrome.


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Though the costumes look flimsy, no one else's shirts ripped, so they must have done it on purpose. Who knows why, maybe kirk's costume was too small, so he gave himself some breathing room whenever he could?

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Kirk is so tough he doesn't even need to wear more than a towel when walking down the halls past his crew!




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Yah. I think kirk just like showing off. though of course, no one actually notices except spock (KS, read it)

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