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Wesley Crusher.


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Quote: bunkey @ May. 30 2013, 8:06 am


>Jack Gleeson of Game of Thrones gets a lot of hate too. He's 21, but in my eyes he's still just a boy.

>Grown ass people pickig on children.  Oy.


Hey, some of us 21 year olds think we're all grown up. Don't burst my bubble.


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Ah ya whipper snapper! Get off my lawn


Kreen Akrore

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I never particularly liked the character.  But, the thread that kinda holds me to him is that he did make mistakes.  (ie the nanites)  I think they may have put him out front a little too much in the beginning, when he should have been more in the background, doing educational things, on the job training and the like.  Yeah he was a whiz kid, but i think the mistake was made when they let him "do" too much as opposed to teaching him.  We may know how to operate a piece of tech equipment from a book, or drive a car.  But doing is more difficult, and should have been portrayed that way.  With all the other kids on board it would have been great to see him play off one (ie Nog and Jake).  He had the potential to be a great character, later in the series, but they should have taken more time to develope him, like Data.  The plan was to make him more human as the series went along.  Plus the first season episodes weren't all that great.  Denise Crosby in the beginning was a bit too overreacting in the beginning.  But as she showed up in later episodes after her demise she was much better as the character.  But we all have to admit-the first season the acting out of everyone, except John DeLancie and Majel Roddenberry, was a bit strained.  The only reason they did well, is that their characters were supposed to be over the top.  And the Ferengi bouncing around like monkeys?  Originally Wesley was supposed to be Picard's son.  (correct me if I'm wrong).  I think the wesley character should have been book smart, but a bit clumsy do to not having the on-hands experience. 


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I've have felt rather indifferent toward the character of Wesley Crusher. I feel the character may have been a possible inspiration for kids who watched TNG. I believe that Wil Wheaton is a talented actor but I guess you can say his acting did get kinda boring during the show.


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Remeber no one can hate Wesley as much as Wil Wheton does,hahaha, ahem. 

I find him to be awkward at best, I don't hate him all that much and I honestly find him annoying at worst. The thing is that much of the time if your good at reading faces sometimes you can see Wil mentally rolling his eyeballs at some of things coming out of his mouth. The late episodes when he's in academy and an engsin are actually really good (in my opinion). 

My favorite episode with him is when he's an Engsin and getting lightly Hazed at the Poker table with Riker and the other senior officers. 

The one thing that generally dislike about the concept of the character is that I found out that Wesley might of been way that Gene was putting himself into the series as a young man. That he loved the character the best and for the reason I stated. I find that mildly disturbing. 


Also Wil stars in his own Web series now called Table Top. He's a riot. 

Boldly freaking going


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I think Wesley is annoying because he's so intelligent, and isn't great with social graces, so he just comes of as a know-it-all. Another problem is that he has spent his entire teenage life on a highly sheltered, elite starship, so he also seems naive. If his character annoys you, great. It makes sense for Wil Wheaton and the show's writers to have portrayed Wesley as annoying.

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