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Quantum Mystery of Light Revealed.


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Here are my remarks on the subject.

Based upon the MC Escher comaparison it seems that the wavlength is compressing smaller particles together to form the the light photon which then over time gradually returns to a wavelength form thus continuing the process of particle creation.

The question where does such a wavelength reside in? Dark Matter most likely as Dark Matter is theorized to make up nearly 90% of the known universes mass.

So possibly what Dark Matter may be is the transition period of light wavelengths back into a mass of photons that would take shape over trillions of years.

Perhaps this is how the Big Bang occured. A mass of Dark Matter from another universe found its way into our area of space where the mass encountered numerous Sub-Quantum particles. The Dark Matter mass then compressed the particles into a singularity that caused a tremendous amount of energy to be released.


In reply to another posters remarks about Quantum Entanglement

They would have at some time in the very ancient past been two seperate particles that came together as one thus creating a single particle.

Particle creation or Quantum Entanglement can be proven just by looking at how the human and other life forms create life. A male has one set of particles that is then joined with the particles of the female that then create a single particle that develops into a life form that then contained both sets of particles but is only able to generate one creating form of particles that must be joined with the opposite sex to create life.

Particles are formed in the same manner.

One area that Einstein lacked in his understanding of particle physics was that he did not study biology.

The Big Bang created particles that eventually came together to create life as we know it. These facts cannot be disputed as the evidence of two particles coming together to form a biological cell of life is present in every single living orginism that is able to think and has a brain or grows and germinates.

A man may call himself a god because he lacks knowledge. A man will call the Universe his Goddess because he has knowledge of Creation.


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