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a couple of suggestions


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This week I thought of a couple of suggestions, if they haven't been done before or already.

1.  What about assigning two Emergency Medical Holograms (EMHs) to the Bridge:  one Medical "Doctor," and the other an Environmental Engineer? The EE could detect any potentially dangerous gases, smoke, etc., and neutralize them.  If, for any reason, the Bridge is attacked, or suffers a surprise explosion, the EE could begin restoring the environment immediately.  The Doctor could then begin treating casualties on the Bridge and notify Sick Bay. Since they are holograms, they should not be affected, except by a direct hit on their posts.

2. Do Federation starships have stairwells--regular stairs--to use for times when the turbolifts are not functioning?  In addition to regular stairs, I would suggest ramps, so species or handicapped persons who would have difficulties with stairs would be able to use them.  Ramps would also help if medical personnel were needing to push someone on a gurney to another floor.  Of course, they could use antigrav stretchers or something, but ramps would also be handy.

What do you think?

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No for stairs........ They have ladders in the turbolifts, though, probably for picard to climb up and sing childrens songs with three little kids. (sorry if you don't get the reference)

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In the Franz Joseph Blueprints there ARE stairs. Probably 2 reasons we never saw stairs until 2nd season when Engineering was redesigned: (1) They didn't have the money (most likely explantion) and (2) They simply forgot! As for there being stairs on the "real" Enterprise, there probably are. It would be illogical NOT to have them given there are 430 people who would need them at a moments notice (during a power failure for example)! There was a LOT of the ship we never saw (the bowling alley, the galley, ship's stores, TOILETS), and they just didnt get around to it. Think about it. Would you rather see a good story or a 23rd century toilet?


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Would be interesting to see a 23rd century toilet.

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It would probably be a sonic type, like the shower--with no toilet paper needed.

Var Miklama--Zakdorn, engineer. "A sound mind in a FULL body!" "Time, like latinum, is a limited quantity in the galaxy."

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