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So what happened to the Caretakers?


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So they had the Caretaker's remains. Then there was that like girl Caretaker that wanted the remains. And then she was supposed to come back? What ever happened to these ultrapotent beings? They were so instrumental in the beginning of the series.

Did they just end the series before anything could develop with it? 


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Did the Caretakers get bored with the crew of Voyager, or did Voyager escape?

If the Caretakers got bored with a ship they had stolen from its quadrant, at least they should have the courtesy or decency to put it back where they'd found it.

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They whern't able to send the crew back to the Alpha Quadrent so, they never showed up again, the mystery was solved. The creaters had nothing left to show.  

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randy kerr

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i hope that they show up to the they can be friends


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I guess the crew just got too far away from their "point of origin"?

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