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Xindi arc

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I always thought it was weird that people didn't like one story for a whole season. Voyager was one storyline for 7 seasons, the Dominion War was for 3, but the Xindi was only one. And people thought it was too long?

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I felt the Xindi thing was a mixed bag. I liked that they had finally abandoned the long used reset button at the end of every episode. I had enjoyed that ds9 had long term storylines and consequences and i was annoyed that enterprise had been so episodic the first few seasons.but to me the weak part was the xindi themselves. They were just not compelling villians. also, usually i am pretty cool about the limits of makeup effects but I hated the look of the Xindi. the aboriginal and reptillians looked almost cartoonish. the digital races did not look good to me either. I also felt that they had written a storyline that would have been really effective in 10 or 12 episodes. I remember some in the middle of the season seemed unneccesary. I read somewhere the writers planned a possible 5th season storyline as being the romulan war. That would have been much better in my opinion. 

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When it started, in season II, it kind of snuck up on me. I mean, I surely didn't realize that we would still be dealing with its effects into season IV. And while I really enjoyed it, I think it was maybe a bit too long.

It seems like there were a few episodes in season III that were technically a part of the "Xindi arc" but didn't advance the plot of the arc, and there was even an episode or two that did advance the plot of the arc yet still had me nodding off. Such parts could have been cut and I wouldn't have missed them.

I thoroughly feel that one of the greatest strengths of the first and second seasons were the one-episode stories. I like multi-episode arcs once in a while, but generally, nothing the length of the "Xindi arc."

I will admit, however, that certain episodes of the "Xindi arc" were so good they made up for any bad caused by the not-so-great episodes. Or least they did in my mind. Other people's minds I'm not so sure about. The show was cancelled and I have to wonder if the level of commitment necessary to follow the show became too cumbersome because of the very long and intricate "Xindi arc."


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Loved it. But haters are going to hate, and those that have decided they liked nothing about Enterprise will continue to pile on the scorn.


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I thought it was great. It gave them a chance to better develop the characters, and for the most part it had good pacing.


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I thought it was overall excellent, especially if watched without large gaps between epsiodes.  Solidly constructed and well-acted by not just regulars but by the Xindi leaders (esp. Degra).  Only caveat is that one must be in a serious mindset when watching it as light-hearted moments are relatively few this season.  Final note is that there are some top-notch stand-alone episodes that still have connection to the larger arc.  Similitude, E2, Twilight, even some less-cited episodes such as Exile.


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I generally enjoyed the Xindi arc, it was a refreshing change of pace, bringing an epic scale to the series that it seemed to be lacking from the beginning. I especially liked the final 7 or so episodes of the season, the writer's really brought that edge and urgency that I think Star Trek needed to explore in terms of storytelling style. The tension stretched every character to their limits, okay not everyone, it seemed Mayweather was a ghost the entire season with little to no development or significant screen time.  T'Pol's emotional roller coaster throughout the season added some weight to the drama especially between herself and Archer near the end of the season.  

Let's not forget that this season was meant to allegorize the realworld wars/conflicts the USA & its allies were still freshly entrenched in. 


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I wonder if years from now if the terrorism comparisons will be as clear?


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The reason that the Xindi arc was created to shake up the ratings of the show. I think it added a whole lot more of a plot to the series. I mean, they had a plot before, and it was still great, but what they had really needed was more of a solid goal that the viewers could relate with. I think the Xindi kept the show going on. The whole third series was kind of like a super long movie because all the episodes connected so well. The third season was probably my favorite. 


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I LOVED it! It's when I first truly started loving Trek. My friend got me into the franchise two years ago and started me with ENT. I was reluctant to watch it at first with how big the franchise was but then he bought me the first season of ENT and I kind of had no choice lol. So I forced myself through the first two seasons and while I enjoyed them, season 3 is when I really got into Star Trek. To this day it's one of my favorite ever seasons in Star Trek. I'm on Voyager season 7 now. This friend has bought me the whole franchise and I'm almot finished. Been a great ride, and season 3 of ENT will always be special to me, for it's when I realized how amazing Star Trek realy was. I loved the Xindi arc

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I liked it.  Season 3 is my favorite season of Enterprise.


1. Season 3

2. Season 1

3. Season 2

4. Season 4

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I also love it. It's the main redeeming feature of Enterprise which was otherwise mediocre. It's my second favorite season after TOS season 1.


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Quote: Hegemony.Cricket @ Dec. 07 2012, 3:55 am

> I sort of felt this epic, underdog battle mirrored the fight the show was making to stay on the air. I consider it one of the best of all the 28 seasons of the franchise (along with TOS 1, TNG 3 & DS9 6).

I thought that that spect made the season just a little better when it was airing for the first time, especially towards the end.


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Dominion started 2nd season and finished the final year, not a single season single story, the DOminion war was a backdrop for many interesting posibilities of adventure and character exploration; were Xindi the twisty chameleans? or was that the war with the animal people?  Twisty people cool, but would have prefered they introduce no new characters or races, and just concentragte on explaining everything not explained in all other series, that Y I thought it would be genious and Y I then thought they must have hit thier heads repeatedly when no follow through on genious idea

but loved loved loved the    dynamic


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oh if war, that when I stopped watching; wanted escape, not reminder of bad things, they need learn sublety.  M.A.S.H. not stop american wars, as soon as series ended America went off to find new wars, guess got in mood for wars and needed real wars when over; y they no think same wouldn't happen by show wars on TV, was part of human nature, show war ppl want to show war, to stop war show nice butterfly flutter for half hour, then be steamed oner by tank and then body stepped on by soldiers who also crush nice flowers butterfly drinkiing from.  Not video game of war.

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