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Nightingale Woman


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Hi All,

My fav TOS episode is "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and I always treasured the scene where Gary Mitchell recites the first few sentences of "Nightingale Woman".  And I've always wondered about what the rest of that sonnet would have been like.  So after meeting the love of my life who always wore flowing black dresses, she became my Nightingale Woman and I decided to finish the sonnet with her as my inspiration.  I think it works and hope you all relish it as much as I.

Nightingale Woman by Joseph Hunt (">

My Love has wings,
Slender feathered things,
With grace and upswept curve to tapered tip,
And translucent merge of symmetry and list...

Imperceptibly she moves
  In elegance and grace,
With motion so sleek,
And changing form
  That ever captivates...

The light from her eyes
  Color them deeply,
Keeps me and stills my breath,
See's diamonds on ocean
  Fallen from sky,
Never revealing her depth...

With locks of raven silk
  That caress her in flight,
Obscuring her body
  Against silhouette of night,
And reflect moonlit subtlety
  In myriad shades of purple twilight...

She descends to my side
  As I sleep and am pained,
Her countenance enshrouds me
  Enabling spiritual gain,
She sings to me gently with vibrato so mild,
My dreams slowly deepen like those of a child...

Her voice enchantingly melodic
  A song celestial and divine,
It cradles my spirit
  With lyrics so sublime,
Soothing my senses
  Through mythical rhyme...

With love warm and diaphanous
  She permeates my soul,
And touches so deeply my trust
  Yielding all control,
Resolution surrenders
  I long for the meld,
Anticipating her touch,
Awaiting to be held...

Sleep now retreating
  As I open my eyes,
Softly she appears
  Like a vision fleeting
    Under sun's rise,
An angel pure and clear...

Awakening my strength
  A tempest across time,
Past nightmares confounded
  Old dreams left behind,
Wounds strangely healed
  Even those of past years,
Are all but a memory,
As I gaze at her features
  So beautiful, so dear...

Slipping all bonds of earth
  With the power she hath given,
Through starsplit mirth
  My soul finally arisen,
As closely she holds me
  In our dance so fair,
And soars us effortlessly
  Over turbulent plumes of air... 

Her smile unforgettable
  Lofts my fledgling flight,
Such beauty and kindness
  Convey emotion so bright,
With wings her love granted me
  Sanctity and belonging,
I will fly with her forever
  My Nightingale Woman... 








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