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Starfleet Academy: a Star Trek series


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Quote: heronymous @ Oct. 30 2012, 11:18 pm


>Ha Ha !! Nog is a good example ! Nog's Dad , Rom , was a waiter for Quark , but was always messing around with the power conduits and systems on Deep Space 9 in his spare time . Starfleet Chief , Miles O'Brien , eventually found out and taught him to be his assistant . Rom was a natural engineer .  Rom's son , Nog , had the same abilities . So they may have been virtual slaves and looked stupid , but they were intelligent . Ben Sisko and his son , Jake , tutored him for the Starfleet Entrance Exams !  

Yea... I know, but that doesn't mean that Nog was one of the "brightest" to be allowed to the Academy - especially since he wasn't a citizen of the Federation.


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Good Point , Bam ! I'm sure there was a lot of flak to get him in , probably from Starfleet Administration . Nog lived on DS9 which was Federation property and I think Sisko probably endorsed his application .


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I have a few thoughts on this topic:

1. Sisko DID endorse Nog's SF application; it was required because Nog wasn't a Federation citizen.

2. If we're talking about a Starfleet Trek then SF Acadamy, San Fran, and training facilities should make up the primary settings. In my opinion, a 4th year starship training assignment is an apologist approach, and really makes it a "Lower Decks" series.

3. True, Starfleet isn't a military acadamy in the traditional sense, but it's sole function is to produce Starfleet Officers. It is well established that military organization (specifically the U.S. Navy) serves as the model for Starfleet. An Acadamy series would need to reflect that.

4. If we assume that the 24th century will offer even more carreer opportunities than the 21st century does, we can't assume that the brightest (smartest, etc.) join Starfleet as a rule. On the other hand, we have already seen episodes establishing that raw intelligence is only one factor (of many) that Starfleet uses to vet their applicants.

Just take a walk through any college campus; the variety is just as rich as we can find on any starship. With all the different clicks, interests, backgrounds, personalities developing into free-thinkers, reactions to finding stregths and weaknesses... I don't think the writers would have a hard time creating some distinct characters.

I think it would work best to have at least a few professors somewhere in the main line-up to serve as the anchors to keep the series relatively consistent. But I would start off with a large ensemble of cabets to see which ones work best for the show (remembering that these characters are designed to evolve, maybe change radically as the series unfolds). And to keep things interesting, It would be smart to have a bucket set aside and filled with excuses to get them off-world (semester breaks, trips, etc.).  




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Quote: heronymous @ Nov. 01 2012, 2:21 pm


>Good Point , Bam ! I'm sure there was a lot of flak to get him in , probably from Starfleet Administration . Nog lived on DS9 which was Federation property and I think Sisko probably endorsed his application .


DS9 was property of the Bajorans. The Federation only got the right to administate it.

DS9 RULES!!!!!


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A series about the Starfleet Academy would provide the opportunity to learn about various species in the Federation and who may have moved to a planet within Federation space.

It would be a change of pace from starships or space station-life.

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I think it could be interesting but I just want a new Star Trek series period

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that will be awesome.


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I think that having a Starfleet Academy series would be a great idea. For me, I would set it sometime after the events of Nemesis and before Romulus went boom in the 2009 film. Also, it would be interesting to see what kinds of aline species would attend and which of the characters from TNG to VOY would guest star as teachers or famuly members of the main characters.

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