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any star trek games for ps3????


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I haven't found one yet:(

randy kerr

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i called playstation and they said that they dont know as well.


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Yes there is a new Star Trek game coming in early 2013 base don the JJ Abrmas reboot of the series. Out on the PS3 / 360 / PC


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Star Trek D.A.C. is on the PS3, and there is an upcoming title that takes place between the 2009 film and the upcoming Into Darkness.


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Star Trek DAC is indeed available. It's exclusively a download. 


Its also gawd-awful. 


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Yeah, the last big console Star Trek game release was Star Trek Legacy, which I think was released just before the PS3 was launched (it was 360 exclusive). If you have one of the old PS3's with backwards compatibility there are a few for PS2, like Elite Force, Shattered Universe (I think it was called that?), Encounters and Conquest. I think Elite Force was the only genuinely good of them, so you may be best off waiting for the upcoming game instead.

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