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New Trek + Borg possible


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I just finished watching Enterprise Regeneration for the millionth time.  How possible would it be for The Borg to hear the message they transmitted earlier than the quoted "200 years, 24th century"?  Could JJ fit that into the next movie or even ones further down the road?  They already tilted their hats to Enterprise in the first New Trek movie.

I think The Borg of Kirks era would have a hard time with the federation in this new timeline.  Things have advanced far faster than the Original Series had shown and they have Spock Prime.  Would be a great fight.

PS: Yea I am a huge Borg fan.  I am glad The Borgs technology made it into New Trek even if they didn't directly mention it!  Now if we can have an actual event, contact, or fight! 


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Report this Oct. 26 2012, 9:26 pm

They've already confirmed that the Borg won't be involved.

Then again, they've also "confirmed" that Kahn isn't in there either, and there's still lots of speculation about him. So anything is possible.


I don't really think the Borg should be in the next movie. As awesome as they are, I think they kind of ran their course in Voyager and I prefer to leave them as the frightening creatures they were in "Regeneration".

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