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USS Tremaine; A PBeM Sim


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Report this Oct. 24 2012, 6:33 pm

The USS Tremaine is an existing Play by e-mail sim part of the 14th Fleet. We have been continiously active since April 1st of this year and always looking for new players. 


The 14th Fleet is a PBeM fleet where all the sims share the same continuity. We also stict stritly to canon for our own reasons. Our plot lines are not always about combat and action so much as the more traditional Star Trek ideas of peaceful explorations. That does not mean we avoid action all together, but it is not a constant.


The website for the Tremaine can be found here: 


We currently have several open positions including Chief Science Officer, Chief of Security, Counsellor and Navigations Officer, among others. I hope that if we sound like the kind of sim you would enjoy you will give us a chance.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!



Chase aka Commander Jason Bly 

Executive Office; USS Tremaine

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