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Favorite Voyager character/episode

Captain Plunjer

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so favorite episodes.. hmmmm


Many of the 2 part episodes were up there for me .. end game; the year of hell; scorpion annd the 2 parter when the herogin took over the enterprise..... but these below were just some great epsiodes.

The episode where they got stuck in the atmosphere of that planet which time sped up much faster then real time.

The alien species that lived in the dream state.. chakotay and the doctor being the only ones not to fall asleep. 

The episode when chakotay and Janeway got left behind due to a virus voyager couldnt cure.

The episode when hary and chakotay wet back in time to save voyager from the crash during the slip stream.

Whe species 8472 created a fake earth.





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FUTURE'S END is my favourite VOYAGER episode.
It was well-crafted, with a strong story and some
very fine acting, on the part of the guest stars.


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My favorite character is Janeway followed by Seven of Nine and The Doctor. Janeway is my idol and I think Kate Mulgrew nailed the captain role. She was an authoritative figure, a mentor, and a friend to the crew. She never stopped caring for her crew and always stayed true to herself.

Seven of Nine is an overall intriguing character. I loved watching her character evolve over the series along with The Doctor. I also enjoyed the episodes that featured The Doctor and Seven working together. I think Jeri Ryan did a great job acting like The Doctor in "Body and Soul."

As far as favorite episode it would have to be "Year Of Hell." I like it because it really shows the extreme that the ship and crew endured. From the ship falling apart, to Janeway ordering abaondon ship, to Janeway risking her life to keep the ship functioning. The episode is also emotional especially when Janeway hugs Tuvok.

My other favorite episodes would be "Basics", "Course: Oblivion" (which was a sad one too), "Deadlock", "Scorpion", "Equinox", "Body and Soul", "One", "Coda", "Relativity" and "Dark Frontier."

"There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: Keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew." - Captain Kathryn Janeway


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Workforce 1 & 2


totally loved these episodes: the setting was perfect, the storyline great and superb acting from kate mulgrew.



Admiral Edridge

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I really enjoyed Futures End pt 1 and 2. It was so great. I love getting to see ST characters having to interact with the past. It was just really well written and enjoyable.

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