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Favorite Voyager character/episode


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Without a doubt Janeway is my favorite Voyager character. I think she's amazing and played brilliantly by Kate Mulgrew. My second favorite character is Chakotay and he's followed closely by B'Elanna and The Doctor. All the characters are great, though.

I can't pick just one favorite episode, so in alphabetical order my favs are, Basics, Caretaker, Coda, Course Oblivion, Future's End, Killing Game, Nemesis, Resolutions, Scorpion, Shattered, The Cloud, The Thaw, Unimatrix Zero, Warlord, Workforce, Year of Hell.


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Character-Probably the Doctor. The episodes he featured in prominently were always at least watchable and Picardo was the best actor on the show. I also want to say Tom Paris, because I think he had the best arc of any of the characters on the show, but unfortunately it stopped around season 4-5 and he was pretty much a static character after that.

Episode-Easily The Killing Game parts 1 and 2. You can't go wrong when you've got both the Hirogen and Nazis as your baddies.


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One of the best things about Voyager in my opinion, is that just about all of the characters were great. They were interesting and deep, not just the cookie cutter starfleet officers on TNG. they all had to overcome something in their past that made them interesting. Chakotay left his tribe and his whole way of life against his father's wishes to join starfleet. Tuvok was ready to abandon logic because he fell in love with a girl. Tom had his accident, jail time, and all of those issues. Harry was denied entrance into the academy his first time around. B'Elanna never got over her father leaving, was bullied her whole life, and had a strong inner struggle. Neelix had his whole family killed. Even the poorly used Kes ventured to the surface against the rules of her society, and knowing that someone who went befor never came back.

these are great characters!


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Can't really say which episode. I've only seen about half of Voyager.  It was my least favorite show.  But I did have crushes on Chakotay and Paris.  

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I can't say which episode's my favorite cause I haven't watched all seasons yet, I'm at the 2nd season. But I already can say that Neelix is my favorite character as he's really funny.


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My favorite character was tom paris. My favorite episode was probably future's end. I just love the episodes with time travel in it. I also liked the killing game.


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I liked alot of Voyager episodes and cannot pick just one right now. I do agree that Voyager missed some valuable plot ideas by having the 2 crews become friends so quickly. Additioanlly, they also lost more great and suspenseful plot ideas when they befriended Species 8472 all too soon.Those aliens should have been much more difficult to deal with and any negotiations would be complicated by the fact it was hard to communicate with them.


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There were only 2 episodes that I recall where they suddenly show and are just terrifying. One was Scorpion and I am not sure what the other was called but that time it showed up in engineering without making a sound. Sensors could not detect it, I guess. B'Eleana looked up seeing it poised above her and knew she was in trouble.


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It's hard to pick. I'd say that the Doctor is one of my favorites, along with Tuvok, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Tom Paris, Captain Janeway, and Kes. As for episode, I also have a lot of favorites. One in particular features the Doctor and another ship's EMH interacting with Romulans in the Alpha Quadrant. I don't recall the title. It was Message in a Bottle. I also liked Tuvix (both the character and the episode).


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Well I would have to say Tom is my favorite character. He was mischievous and he was just funny.

And my favorite episode? Well there are way too many but I liked futures end, equinox, waking moments and chaoticas bride.


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Never been a big fan of Voyager only seen a couple of episodes here and there but I have recently downloaded the full series on my laptop so will start watching more of them and see if I find it watchable.

So far my fave character is the doctor due to his sarcasm attitude reminds me a little of the sarcasm Mccoy used to give except I doubt the doctor ever insulted Tuvok and called him a green blooded hobgoblin lol.



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In seasons 1-3, Tuvok was my favorite character. He dropped to a close second in seasons 4-7 when Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One came on board. I like their dispassionate and logical approach. And of course I would love to have a body like hers.

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Ensign Harry Kim

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My favorite episode would have to be "Heroes and Demons". My favorite character is probably an unpopular one, but it is Kes and my favorite male character is Tom Paris.


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My favorite episode is "Drone" the one with the borg born within the ship and with 29th century technology.  That episode was great and showed Seven's human side.  

My favorite characters were B'Elanna and Janeway.


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