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Favorite Voyager character/episode

Fleet Admiral Braxton

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Seven And B'lanna


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I like the last eposide.  The whole entire series can be sum up in the last eposide.


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My favourite characters would have to be Tom Paris, Janeway and B'elanna. To me all three are good role models. Tom because he learns to accept his past but change his life and make it better. Janeway because she is just great role model of how yo u can achieve anything but still uphold decnt morals and B'elanna beacuse even though she doesn't like it she embraces her Klignon half and not only learns how to live with it but control it which in away proves anyone should be and accept themselves even if they don't like part of it.

However, I also like Seven of Nine as she learns to become human and although she was forced to learn she ends up taking the best of the borg and mixing it with the best of being human showing how we should all be. Harry Kim is a great example of how you should always try your best and never give up even if your efforts seem to be getting you no where. The Doc is just generally amazing.

Like with all things i think you can learn alot from characters even if it wasn't intended by the authors or writers and my favourite characters are always the ones that you can learn the most or the best from. From Voyager although close my ultimate favourite would have to be Tom but not just because of who he becomes but also he becomes. He also helps B'elanna accept herself for who she is and i admire him for that. 


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My favorite characters are Tom, B'Elanna and Janeway. They had great character development. I wish that Chakotay could have been explored a little more though, he never really left much of an impression on me.


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My favorite Character is the Doctor, his constant stream of witty banter is both hilarious and gave the show some much needed reprieve from its mostly serious tone. IMO his character development was one of the most remarkable in all of Star Trek; he started as nothing more than a sophisticated toaster and ended up being one of the most valuable members of the crew. Not to mention he was a brilliant physician. 

Favorite Doctor episode is "Latent Image' (Season 5) because it dealt with a serious moral and technological dilemma; how do we make life/death decisions? how would we program a Artificial Intelligence to recognize the best choice given 2 seemingly identical options in a life/death situation? I've always been fascinated by human psychology, what motivates people to do what they do, so I found the episode a great character study.


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Captain Janeway and B'elanna are my favourite characters. Captain Janeway is really cool. I love the fact that she is a woman captain. And B'elanna really has spirit and does not take any crap from anyone. I love the episodes Living Witness, Resolutions, Day of Honor. I totally agree with what someone has posted earlier that they did not delve into the differences between the marquis and starfleet crew and all the conflicts that could have arisen. It's as if they just magically started to all get along and wear starfleet uniforms.

But i still love the show and watch it all the time.





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My favorite chacter would be B'Elanna!


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I was always very fond of Kes, actually. I think she was a very sweet pixie.
On the other hand, B'Elanna Torres was played by Roxann Dawson, whom
I find to be rather fetching, when she takes off that utterly rediculous
rubber head ...


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My favorite character would be the Doctor, just because he's was such a cool character like data, who wanted to be more than what he was.

My Favorite Voyager episode would "Dragon's Teeth". That episode, it reminded me of the TOS episode "Space Seed". If you think about, the Vaadwuar are as dangerous as Khan and his fellow augments were. They both were dangerous threats in their time. Though Khan is long dead by this time, the Vaadwuar will become a threat like Khan. I just hope they are not given a weapon like the Genesis device.



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Favorite characters are B'Ellana, The Doctor, and Tom Paris.  Tom/B'Ellana as much as either individually.  Not coincidentally, "Day of Honor" is among my favorite episodes.


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Favorite character is Seven of Nine. I thought she was the most complex and interesting.

Favorite episode is Someone to Watch Over Me, loved the moments between Seven and the Doctor


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hi I have a question about the episode year of hell. Why didnt voyager just leave kremlin space when they realized how powerful the kremiin were? why did janeway insist that they had no other choice but to travel through kremlin space?


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Without a doubt Janeway. No other Trek ship was as defined by it's captain as Voyager was by Janeway and she carried every episode even when the plots were questionable.


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Seven of Nine. She has the best lines in the whole show. Besides she is extremely cool and logic on the one hand and full of emotions on the other - just have a look at how she treats Icheb and Naomi.

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My favorite character is Neelix. And my favorite episode is the one with the planet that spun too fast.

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