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Favorite Voyager character/episode


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I have more then one, but the one that sticks out the most, has to be Doc, his arrogant nature and his comical bedside manner had me in fits. My fav episode has to be the one where seven downloaded Doc into her corticle implant, So funny 


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>The Doc is a favorite with many with his humor and attitude.

My favorite, though, is by far Tuvok. Tim Russ plays the Vulcan role to perfection, in my opinion. He also had so much more potential with storylines. You could see the rage contained inside him, maybe for being 'the black sheep of the family' and having it worse than Spock. The possibilities are manyfold. Since Vulcans age slowly he could return if the timeline returned to the original roots someday, or perhaps he was born elsewhere while his parents were travelling and survived...who knows.

One of my favorite Voyager and Trek episodes in general was the one where a psychopathic murderer is found among the crew and Tuvok mind melds with him to try and soothe his insanity. It worked but the insanity driving madness transferred to Tuvok as he slowly lost control of his mind. Perhaps inspired by "The Enemy Within" but original and deep. A real gripping episode...


Haha I loved the Tuvok and seven scenes, where is was clear they had simularities, in their lack of human emotion.

Oh yea, I remember that episode, ive seen that one quiet a few times (dont know why lol) that was a good one, it was weird seeing tuvok in that light, I may give that another watch actually 


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My favourite character was always Seven of Nine or the Doctor. I get inspired by my favourite characters and Seven of Nine inspired my work ethic. The Doctor inspired my sass to come out more often. Also Janeway I always believed was a fantastic role model although sometimes she seemed a little off to me. 

My favourite episode was the episode where Seven has billions of personalities in her brain and Tuvok must mind meld to attept to find Seven of Nine. Can't remember the title, but that was what happened. 


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Yeah, Seven having multiple personalities (the name of the episode is "Infinite Regress" season five, episode 7) is one of my favorites because of the interaction between Seven and the Captain.....but I also love the Doctor episode, "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" and of course "Bride of Chaotica"

There are loads more that I like too.....and of course my favorite character is Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew fan!)

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For sure Janeway is my favorite character, I haven't gotten too many episodes under my belt but I've really enjoyed the threshold episode



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My favorite characters are Harry Kim and Tuvok. I like Harry Kim because he always works hard and tries to accomplish his mission. Also I like Tuvok for his logic and how he always has a solution to any problem.


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My favorite episode would be The Learning Cure. I like how Tuvok tries to help the Maquis ajust to Starfleet rules.


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My favourite character would either be Janeway or Seven of nine. Both are very interesting charcters. My favourite episode would have to be the one  where all the crew except for The Doctor and Seven have to go into hibernation to aviod being poisoned by toxic nebula. Seven has to battle with  being lonley when all technology including The Doctor and her implants malfunctions. So then she has to fight off hullicinations while attempting to keep Voyager from destruction. Good ep.


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Kes is my favorite Voyager character. Not only because she's beautiful but also because she's a good complement and contrast to more typical Star trek characters like Janeway, B'Elanna and Seven. She's smart and use her wit and strong will to get things done the way she wants.

"Cold Fire" is my favorite episode. Spooky and exciting. The fact that Kes is the main character also makes it a favorite. In the episode Kes is tempted by evil forces but thanks to her strong will she finally overcome the temptations and saves the ship at the end.

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My favourite characters are B´Elanna, Seven, Janeway, the Doctor and Neelix.  I like B´Elanna ´cause sche is a little bit like me. Seven is cool and I don´t know how to explain because of my bad english knowledge. Janeway is my idol because she does everything to save her crew and she doen´t give up. She fights till the end. The Doctor is cool too and Neelix is very funny especially when he was a klingon (I don´t know the name of the episode).


I don´t know wich episode is my favourite episode. I like so much of them.


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< I believe my username provides sufficient answer. I just saw Gravity 1 more time (after some 5-6 years gap), episode that brought back love for ST for me after TNG childhood.


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My favorite characters are Seven or The Doctor. Seven has the best lines, and the doctor is really funny. Tuvok is great too. Tom Paris says funny things, but he's not mu favorite.

Favorite episode? hmm... I liked Scorpion.


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My favorite character, easily, would be Kes... followed closely by the Doctor and maybe Harry.

My favorite episode is a bit tricky.  I really liked "Tinker, Tennor, Doctor, Spy", "Living Witness", and "Endgame".

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My favorite character is PAIRS followed by captin Janeway


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I would have to say the doctor is my favorite character and my favorite episode was worst case scenario. I know its kind of an obscure one but It is is an episode about what i wished the show had been.

I really liked voyager but it irked me how quickly the two crews came together. I felt they missed alot of great storytelling opportunities by not exploiting the fact the crew was divided much more often those first few years. I wished the first few seasons had been more of a power struggle with the characters eventually learning to trust one another. As little as they dove into the marquis/starfleet differences i dont understand why they did it at all and not just had a pure starfleet crew. 

I also liked Scorpion 1 and 2


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