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Proposed Technological & Lifestyle improvement.. The Venus Project

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There is a video, Paradise or Oblivion

Wiki -

And.. facebook -


I am interested in hearing what trekkies think of this kind of future. I know that most of us want to be flying at Warp Speed in a galaxy class (or just about any) starship called the Enterprise and for me personally The Venus Project is the way to make it happen. I posted this thread/poll mostly because i believe TVP is an ideal solution and to bring the world of Star Trek closer together . Science and Technology are the 2 things that makes things much easier for everyone. We just have to put it all together. I think the biggest obstacle right now is money, the seperation of countries and the amount of greed. Even if TVP isn't perfect, i think in a world like TVP could bring us closer to the perfect lifestyle. And really, i think this lifestyle is the way to go.

There might be lots of reasons why this wouldn't happen, hopefully someone will be able to come up with a good idea. Best thing to do, imo is if you liked the video/idea is to spread the idea.. the more people that are aware of it and like it the better. If the mass majority ends up liking it perhaps it might happen, never know until we try.

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