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Cant remember


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OMG!! In the second Star Trek movie, it was Chekov who first seen Khan in the movie. Khan reconized Chekov as we knew when he said "I never forget a face" and as he got to Chekov he said "I know you".  Funny thing though that I never caught it before until watching the Episode "Space Seed" last night. That is the episide that interduced Khan to the world, and was the only episode he was in. Chekov was not in that episode at all, so how did they know each other. I am trying to remember Chekov's first appearence.  Does anybody remember what the episode number is? Dont ask me why but it kinda bothers me, I been up 2 days strait and am a lil loopy! LOL


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Walter Koenig, the actor who plays Checkov, did not join the Star Trek cast until Season 2. "Space Seed" was a season 1 episode. That said, I think most fans just figure that Checkov was a crewman on the ship at that point, he just wasn't a bridge officer so we didn't see him. It's entirely possible that Khan ran into him at some point during the battle to control the ship.


The reality of it is, it was a goof. But, it's not totally unexplainable. 


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If you remember, from "Space Seed" Khan had access to the ship's roster. It is also known that Chekov was a member of the crew but not on the main shift when most of the action we saw in the episodes happened. He transfered from the third shift to the first shift of the bridge crew. This being said Khan would have seen Chekov's face and Chekov would have known all about Khan and what he did when he was aboard the Enterprise.

Just thought I would throw the information out there for you.

Live long and prosper.


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I have twok on DVD and one of tgr special features is Walter explaing this. He said he had bad food that ay and while Chekhov was in the bathroom Khan was knocking on the bathroom door...when checkov was finally done Khan opened the door took a whiff then told chekov I will never forget your face lol


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Yeah, it is basically a "no harm, no foul" type of goof as Chekov's arrival was never really established as happening afterward so his absence from the episode does not mean he wasn't on the ship.

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