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We are the minority...


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I always feel like I kinda have to defend myself when I'm discussing Trek with other fans. I'm among the few, the proud, the Enterprise fans. 

Don't get me wrong, with the exception of Voyager, I'm a huge fan of all of them (I except Voyager only because I haven't really watched it yet... I'm getting there).

I feel like Enterprise felt the most human to me, and not just because it's set closer to our time. I think, more than any of the other series' (again, excepting Voyager due to ingorance) it had an arch to every character.

TOS had a wonderful interpersonal dynamic. The triumverate of Spock, McCoy, and Kirk was, quite simply, ahead of its time in terms of television characterization. The way the three of them interacted was very well realized, and I consider that the greatest strength of the series.

TNG was idealist, probably the closest to the dreams of GR... whether that's a strength or not is up to you, but it's hard not to acknowledge the gravitas that Picard brought to the screen, the overall credibility that TNG lent to Star Trek as a whole. 

DS9 was the first to really acknowledge the realities of the human condition, human nature, and make no attempt to apologize for them. It was the "constrained" Star Trek... it didn't look at the galaxy through Gene's rose colored glasses, but accepted that, at times, man indeed will have to be ruthless to survive, just as we've had too on our own planet.

The journey of Captain Archer from wide-eyed optimist to jadded and war weary, while still maintaining the spark that drove him, as among the best realised character archs in all of Star Trek. In fact, I think the growth of Archer, T'Pol, and Trip over the course of 4 seasons are easily the best jobs of character development done in Star Trek, period.

So, anyways, that's why I prefer Enterprise. If you're among those of us in the minority, why? 


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ENT was raw. Things weren't easy. There was no "Oh...fatal alien disease? Just reconfigure the bio-quantum matrix." Or, just taking a couple shots and being out of commission? Not all problems were solved as easily as they were on VYG.

Tough, tough ethical questions came up, which I like.

The CGI/make-up/costuming was amazing. Unbelievably beautiful.

And if it weren't for Picard, I'd say it was better than TNG.

And the Klingons? Brilliant and beautiful.

I think a major obstacle to people getting into it, and I say this with all seriousness, was the song in the opening. Since I watched it on Netflix, I could fast-forward through it every time.

It had no majesty, no grandiostiy. It makes Bon Jovi look like Beethoven. And a show about science, reason, logic and human evolution, doesn't need a song with "faith" in the lyrics. Hell. It doesn't need a song at all.

But, back to the good....

The character development was amazing. Yes, started out a bit rough, a bit cookie cutter. But the episode where Trip and Malcolm think they'll die on the shuttle? Brilliant. The scene where Archer DOESN'T forgive Trip in his quarters? Brilliant.

And initially, Trip and T'Pol initiating a romance seemed far fetched. But then the writing and plot line became so beautiful.

Explaining how Klingons had smooth foreheads for TOS? Brilliant.

Andorians with moving antennae? Brilliant. More importantly, the character of Shran? Brilliant.

And NO holodeck! I always thought that was an easy out for the writers on some of the other shows.

I could go on and on.

I don't understand why the series was cancelled.


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I agree with many of the points already stated here.  Many people criticize Enterprise because they hate the idea of a prequel.  I admit, I had my doubts about it, and would have preferred going forward, but I really like a lot of what happened here.  The characters still had to figure things out rather than relying on those who had done it before, and they had to do it without as much technology.  Many people go on and on about Enterprise violating canon, but the other series did that, too.  As an example, someone who wrote off Enterprise over a screenshot from ST:TMP with prior ships named Enterprise not showing this ship said that I was being too nitpicky for just pointing out a list of problems with DS9, although I did not completely write it off for those problems, only pointed them out for perspective.


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Keeping in mind am still a rookie to the Trek community, I do not see how ENT could be considered to be violating Trek canon. In my mind, it helped build and reinforce the canon.


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For the record, I never liked the theme, but I didn't hate it until they tweaked it in Season 3. The guitar didn't improve it.


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I'm with you guys. Enterprise is easily one of the better series, a close second to DS9 in my opinion.

I'd say more, but you guys beat me to it.

"The future is in the hands of those who explore... And from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau


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To be fair, Enterprise did violate canon in some ways, but not more than other series.  Keep in mind that it was 25 - 28 (excluding TAS) seasons of a franchise full of contradictions.  To go along with 1 established fact often means conflicting with another.  DS9 for example violated canon from TNG and even from DS9, but that took place in the favored time period so its fans look the other way on that, but bash Enterprise because it was a prequel. 

There are also complaints that some things violate canon even if they don't really.  An example of this was the Ferengi epsiode predating first contact with them by about 200 years.  It isn't really a problem because they were not identified by race, only as some pirates in a single incident.  It is a lot like the imagined problem of Khan recognizing Chekov in TWOK because Chekov wasn't in Space Seed.  We simply didn't see Chekov, but there was nothing establishing that we was not there such as a later episode that had him as a new arrival.


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There are some good, thoughtful posts for this topic, unlike the constant hate & venom on these boards 10 years ago, when the show was still on the air. ENT, after DS9, w/b my favorite ST series. To add to some already good posts, I thought Scott Bakula brought immediate crebility to the show. Also, growing up, my heroes were the real-life astronauts of Apollo & Skylab, and the fictional astronauts of Trek. ENT combined these two: the Right Stuff meets Star Trek


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Well, I've just finished the Star Trek Enterprise series and it left me wanting MORE... I'm sadly disapointed that it wasn't able to finish its story.. I know its a good 3-4 years since it ended but apart from the theme song i didn't see anything wrong with it. I have a few admittions though, before Enterprise i've never really been into Star Trek, not because i didn't like it but because i was never really given the chance to give it a good go. However after watching Enterprise i've already started watching watching Season 1 of Star Trek: Voyager and will continue on with that. In an odd way i guess its semi the way to do it since Star Trek Enterprise was set before Voyager.. though i'm not sure if another series fits in between the two.


Anyway.. was sad i wasn't able to pick out my favouite race of Star Trek Enterprise which was Denobulan i loved Dr Phlox and his antics it was a nice touch to the series.


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Report this Oct. 27 2012, 7:42 pm

Welcome to Star Trek, Symbolic! Enterprise is indeed one of the better series for newcomers, since it's the most recent and takes place the closest to our own time. Here is a chronology of all the series and movies:

- Star Trek Enterprise (ENT)

- Star Trek (The Original Series - TOS)

- Star Trek: The Motion Picture

- Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

- Star Trek: The Search for Spock

- Star Trek: The Voyage Home

- Star Trek: The Final Frontier

- Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country

- Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)

- Star Trek Generations

- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) (overlaps TNG and VOY)

- Star Trek: First Contact (takes place about halfway through DS9 season 4)

- Star Trek: Insurrection (takes place about halfway through DS9 season 7)

- Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)

- Star Trek: Nemesis


Don't worry too much about chronological order, though - I myself started with Voyager and understood it just as well. Each series is pretty much self-sustaining.

"The future is in the hands of those who explore... And from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love." - Jacques Yves Cousteau


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I have no problem with being in the minority. My wife and i started watching Enterprise while we were living in China back in 2003. Emily had just found out she was pregnant so the show became our social life. As winter closed in, it was -26, the show was a way to get together with friends. Our apartment became a place to hang out, relax and be entertained. The music was a part of that. I was uncertain about the song at first, but now it's the soundtrack of some fairly important memories.

We left China in 2006 and returned to Indonesia. I have since bought seasons 1-3 on DVD. haven't found four yet. I was an dwill remain an  Enterprise fan. I have no issue with being in the minority.

All the best,Wayne

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I always found Enterprise to be a little guilty pleasure when it comes to Star Trek. Sure, there was plenty of episodes that you could groan through, but every series had them. For the most part, the first three seasons of DS9. Or the first two of TNG. Or the third season of TOS. Or like..most of Voyager.

Enterprise's fourth season, and maybe bits of the first three, were truly Star Trek. The Kir'Shara plot arc, In a Mirror, Darkly, the Terra Prime plot arc, and plenty of episodes in the third season prove this.

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I also love enterprise.....thank God for Netflix first I hated the theme also... bUT IMO it fits....its been a long road getting from there to here
.maybe I'm just weird LOL but the good news?? Getting my wife to like it :)


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Report this Oct. 30 2012, 5:59 am

I'm not a statistician and what I say is entirely not based in research, but one reason might be because Enterprise is the newest series --- Fandom, especially in Star Trek, seems to increase over time, so you might find more Enterprise fans in a decade or two.

However, that said, I don't think it's unpopular. Every series that ever comes out will have its haters; that's just a given because people are very different to each other, and therefore have very different tastes. It got cancelled because of low ratings, but notably at a time when studios were particularly jittery about keeping shows on-air.

ok I'm on record as a total Niner! But I really like almost all Star Trek that I see... and I have every season of Enterprise on DVD. It strikes me as a very sound series, entertaining, and enjoyable.

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Report this Nov. 18 2012, 5:07 am

Enterprise actually brought be back to Star Trek. I dropped off watching new Trek in the 90's. I got bored with the Dominion war, and with Voyager's constant fake-outs (not the fault of the show itself, but the way they sold the show in the ads. The episode where "one important character will die" and it's the guest star made up for the story was one of the final straws). I began tuning in to Enterprise and found that it actually had the strongest first season of any of the spinoffs.

I found Enterprise to be far more human. No more technobabble. The characters were allowed to have realistic emotions; the show was about conquering prejudice, not talking about how we somehow evolved past it. The design of the ship and the early version of the Trek universe were perfectly realized.

As for the canon issue, it always seemed to be a very selective complaint. As already mentioned, the franchise is already rife with discrepancies. Remember McCoy's reference to Vulcan being conquered? How about Kahless weeping even though Klingons don't have tear ducts? A few more inconsistencies added to the heap really aren't a big deal.

To me, Enterprise fans have nothing to prove to anyone.

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