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We are the minority...


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I consider myself a minority as well. But not because I love Enterprise, but because I love Star Trek in general. I also feel as if I have to defend myself around fans for not hating certain movies or certain episodes or films. I really love Star Trek the Motion Picture. I really love Star Trek V The Final Frontier. I went and saw Star Trek Nemesis twice back in the day. I love Voyager, and Enterprise. I can even get enjoyment from Season 1 of TNG!


I just love Star Trek all the way around. I can watch any of the series and just be totally into it. I think the whole franchise is just awesome! I wish other fans felt the same way as I do about it.


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I  am currently watching Enterprise episodes and am liking them very much. I really like Scott Bakula as captian there. That role seems to come so natural for him. I watched it for a while when it was current. Then the network decided to move it around to a different day and a different time slot. It took mre forever to find it again. By that time they were into a bunch of serialistic plots and I had no clue what was going on then. I was completely lost. So I stopped watching because it wasn't making any sense. But now I am interested in it again.

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