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We are the minority...


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I like it because it's set closer to our time frame and because eveything thing is a learning experience.



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I don't understand why everyone hates the opening song. I love it (until the changes in the 3rd season). Everytime it would come on I would tear up. The words make perfect sense when you remember that all the series that came before where so different and based the Earth history portrayed in many episodes across the has indeed been a long road to where the series takes off. The song perfect reflects the struggle of mankind to "touch the sky" in the manner they do in Enterprise. It also reflects the fighting spirit of mankind to keep reach beyond expectations and not give in, atleast not easily. These theme are reflected in the song as well as many plots in every series. So for a series that the prequel to all of the amazing series that came before...I think it fits perfectly. 

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I agree I love the Theme Song to Enterprise.


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The theme song is awesome. Its the coolest opening sequence in any star trek series. In my opinion. It was really unnecessary to change it in the third season. 


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Just started season 2 on Netflix but I like it so far it's fairly interesting



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The theme song is cool my wife pokes fun at it but I like and it does make sense to me but like I said I am only at the begining of season 2 rite now.



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Enterprise is not and probably will never be my favorite series, but it has grown on me a great deal. I never gave it a fair chance when it first aired simply because I don't like the idea of prequels. Years later I did watch the whole thing, out of a sense of completionism more than anything, and I realized I was wrong to prejudge.


If Enterprise had not been cancelled after four seasons, I think it could have been one of the greats. The show got better with each season... who knows what might have been in 5, 6 or 7.



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Wow, I finally found other people that agree with me on this topic. I'm 44 yrs old and never really followed Star Trek growing up. I watched a few shows here and there but was never a true follower. Last year I got Netflix and thought I'd give it a chance. I started with the original and by the 5th show I was hooked. I continued by watching every show of every series in the order that they aired on t.v. I also watched every Star Trek movie. An amazing world that Gene created.

Each series had unique elements that I enjoyed about them.
TOS - Spock and Kirk of course!!!
TNG - Picard, Data, Worf, and Q were great in their roles and TNG also had great story lines.
DS9 - This series struggled for the first two seasons and almost lost me. I never cared for a few of the characters. Kiera had too much attitude, Dax was boring, O'brien and Keiko just didn't fit. Worf and the Dominion saved it for me.
VOY - Not bad but didn't care for a few characters again. Kess and Nelix mainly but I must say on the other hand that VOY did feature two of my favorite characters in ALL of the Star Trek series.. That would be the Hologram Doctor and Seven of Nine. Great jobs by both of them.

And finally ENTERPRISE!!! Now this show has gotten such a bad rap and I can't understand for the life of me why. It can't possibly be because of the intro song. Can it? I agree that it didn't fit the show but it didn't stop me from watching it. I thought it was the best of the Star Trek series. To me it felt more real. I think because the crew/cast was smaller which allowed us to tune into each character more closely. Bakula was perfect for the role of Captain. I think he brought to Enterprise what Kirk and Picard brought to their shows. The show did an excellent job showing us how it all began. Before food replicators, shields for the ship, holodecks, and communicators. It also showed us how the Vulcans used to treat us like children.

The characters were great!
T'pol - My 2nd favorite Vulcan.
Archer - In the same league as Kirk and Picard.
Trip - Damn good engineer but don't piss him off.
Phlox - Best doctor of all series.
Lt. Reed - He's o.k.
Ensign Mayweather - Needed more character development but the best helmsman of all series.
Ensign Hoshi - Annoying for the first two seasons but she mellowed out later.
Commander Shran - Always a great performance!! One of my favorite characters.
The MACOS - I can't forget about them. Whoever wrote them into the series made a good call. They were essential in helping enterprise accomplish their mission with the Xindi. If/when they make another Star Trek series I'd like to see them add the MACOS to the crew. Bad Asses!!!!!

In closing I just enjoyed ENT the most. It's a shame that it was cancelled. They needed three more seasons just like the others. There was a lot left to be told. I fear that the next Star Trek series will not be based in the same time period as ENT. Well, thanks for taking the time to read my opinion on ENT and it was fun reading all of yours. ENT RULES!!!!!!


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New here.

I've been watching Star Trek off and on since I was a kid.

Recently I've embarked on a mission to watch every episode of every series. I'm going in the order:


I just finished ENT and I'm a few episodes into TOS.

As far as Enterprise goes overall I enjoyed it. What I really liked was the exploration of the development of the relationship between Vulcans and Humans.

Season 1 good.
Season 2: good
Season 3 Fantastic
Season 4 Not so good

Season 4 was a mess. It had it's moments but overall a mess. I don't know if they knew it was the last season but it just felt forced. The whole Tripp T'pol' baby was absurd. I did see the need to kill off Tripp it was a cheap emotional gimmick.

Overall pretty good series.


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I couldn't agree more Cali-Kidd. I never followed Star Trek growing up either. I saw an episode here and there, but never really set out to watch it on a weekly basis. It wasn't until my Christmas vacation this past December, when I had nothing but time to kill for two weeks, that I decided to watch every episode like dennis00castro is.

My first real exposure to Star Trek was ENT. I followed that up with TOS and TNG. I'm currently flipping back and forth between DS9 and VOY, both of which are at mid-season two. 

I have to admit, ENT is my favorite of the five series by a substancial margin. I grew up watching SCott Bakula on Quantum Leap, which is still one of my all-time favorite sci-fi shows, so it got a few bonus points right off the bat. Also, being the newest of the five series it had the best special effects, cgi, and sets. I really connected with the ENT characters, moreso than TOS and TNG. It just felt more realistic, with really everything the crew went through. Everything from the trial and error of maintaining and upgrading the starship, the emotional relationships they all developed from being together for years, the moral decisions Archer had to make as far as when to interfere and when to let nature take its course. I thought it was just an incredible series and I was (still am really) sad when I got the the end of season four. I've chosen not to acknowledge the final episode. IMO it was the biggest slap in the face to the crew and the actors to play the whole final episode as a holodeck virtual experience. Not to mention the way they decided to kill Trip off. I could understand him, or another major character dying, if there was a long build up to it. But the way they did it was insulting. Bad guys board the ship, he knocks out Archer, boom he's dead. 

My second favorite is TNG followed closely by TOS. I know Kirk started it all and I respect that, but Captain Picard is just the man. I'll take Spock over Riker and/or Worf, Data over Chekhov, Scotty/Bones/Uhura over Geordi/Crusher/Troi. Series for series it's really unfair to compare shows that are 20 years apart, but I enjoyed the complexity of TNG compared to TOS. TNG was more intellectual and methodical where TOS was more of a shoot first think later. The interpersonal relationships were more developed on TNG too, which I like.

It's still a bit too soon to pass judgement, but I feel it's safe to say I prefer DS9 over VOY. I didn't really like DS9 at first, I prefer the exploration aspect of the other three series more, but the long story arcs and the darker feel make it interesting. I like how they gave the characters and plots time to unfold. 

When it comes to VOY I can't help but ask the question; How did Voyager get 3 seasons (74 episodes) MORE than Enterprise?! I know I'm only about 1/5th of the way through it, but it is really painful to watch. Is Janeway as incompetent throughout the whole series as she seems to be 30 episodes in? I started watching VOY before DS9, but starting mixing DS9 episodes inbetween VOY episodes to keep me entertained. I was told to stick with it until season four when Seven of Nine makes her debut. I really don't like any of the characters except the Holo Doctor. The acting is just... annoying. I still don't know what role Neelix has on the ship or even why his character was created. I would rather have the Chef from ENT, who you literally never meet, than Neelix. I don't know if I'll make it another 39 episodes. 

The only show I would like to see return to my flatscreen more than Enterprise is Firefly. Two great shows that were yanked from the weekly lineups waaaay too prematurely. Angers me how long these "reality" shows hang around when quality sci-fi shows like ENT and Firefly get canceled before they even hit their stride. 


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Enterprise is awesome because of the crew. They picked excellent actors for the show and had great writers who helped to make this prequel worth watching. but they screwed up the finale, but thats another topic...


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starfan97, the crew (or cast) was great. "Extinction" was too dark for me to watch all the way through, but the cast did an excellent job. Same w/ "Rouge Planet" although I did watch it through. Many good questions asked. Archer's development handelled very well. His aragonce in ignoring T'pol & Vulcan experience, and then growing into respected her more. And T'pol's growing respect for her crewmates. Those factors made the show more realistic.


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& I did watch Ectinction" through. Better than what little I'd seen of it. At times Linda Park was the best actor on Ent. This episode was an example of that, so too was "Vanishing Point".

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!


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I consider myself a minority as well. But not because I love Enterprise, but because I love Star Trek in general. I also feel as if I have to defend myself around fans for not hating certain movies or certain episodes or films. I really love Star Trek the Motion Picture. I really love Star Trek V The Final Frontier. I went and saw Star Trek Nemesis twice back in the day. I love Voyager, and Enterprise. I can even get enjoyment from Season 1 of TNG!


I just love Star Trek all the way around. I can watch any of the series and just be totally into it. I think the whole franchise is just awesome! I wish other fans felt the same way as I do about it.


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I  am currently watching Enterprise episodes and am liking them very much. I really like Scott Bakula as captian there. That role seems to come so natural for him. I watched it for a while when it was current. Then the network decided to move it around to a different day and a different time slot. It took mre forever to find it again. By that time they were into a bunch of serialistic plots and I had no clue what was going on then. I was completely lost. So I stopped watching because it wasn't making any sense. But now I am interested in it again.

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