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Why is TNG always on TV and not the other series?

Jim Kirk

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Don't get me wrong I like TNG but it seem's to me that's the only series they show on TV?  They also seem play the same episodes over & over again.

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I believe Voyager and Enterprise were part of a network, so if someone is going to broadcast it, they would have to pay that network. Deep Space Nine had a lot of plot arcs, so you just can't play many of the (good) episodes out of order. The Original Series is a bit older, therefore networks could easily assume people don't want to watch it.

The Next Generation had most of their episodes set up in the 'Status Quo is God' format, and you can easily air them out of order. Like, for instance, you could air 'Tapestry' then after that, you could air 'Yesterday's Enterprise' because you don't need a backstory to either.


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It also has alot to do with TNG is sadly like a million times more popular than any other series. I wish I knew why. I really do enjoy TNG, and have no problems with it, but the other series should all get some recognition too. In my opinion anyway, DS9 and Voyager are far superior to TNG, and the only reason why I'd say TNG is still higher than ENT, is because ENT didn't get it's full run, if it had, ENT would probably beat TNG as well.

TNG was the trial and error period where they really got to see what works and what doesn't and by the time they were making DS9 and Voyager, they had already mostly figured out what works and what doesn't.


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The Space network in Canada used to regularity show TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, and ENT. In recent years it's dropped the latter three, and given no explanation as to why. It's a shame.

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I live in Australia and CONSTANTLY get VOY or TNG rarely TOS, DS9 or ENT




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I always wondered the same, why all TNG and none of the other series.  I guess there's always DVD's.


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TOS is out of date and wont appeal to most audiences, ENT, DS9, and VOY all had over-arching plotthreads that lasted multiple seasons, which makes it hard to play in syndication.

TNG is simply the best suited for reruns. 

At any rate, you can get every episode of every show on Netflix for just the instant access, which is pretty cheap. I believe it only has Nemesis and Insurrection as far as films, but honestly I'm not a huge fan of the TNG films anyways


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Please, somebody at BBC America, you already run TNG, please add DS9!  You can have a marathon to premeiere it (with our favorite British Doctor to host the marathon) 


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They're not showing any Star Trek (or even much sci-fi) on NZ telly right now so I'd say you are lucky to get TNG at least.

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Jim Kirk

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So it's not just my area, it seem's world wide.

I own all the complete series except for TNG... I have no need to buy it it's always on TV and it's probably my least liked series. (Still love it just not as much as the orther series).


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they realized if they air ds9 everybody would hate all other  shows. which they would loose profit


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Buy the DVD's or blu rays, then you can watch them when you want.

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Not everyone has the money to buy them and none of the libraries near me have them(Rockvill Centre has only the first two seasons of TOS)

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I don't know but I wish that some of the others were on more often or at all.

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No offense people, but it seems to me that most of us here miss the 24th century so much that they aren't keeping pace with the 21st century - where the internet is quickly becoming the preferred standard.

Dump your cable and ditch the Tivo; they're just guzzling your disposable income and giving you nothing but new shows with an 80% failure rate and reality TV in return. Trade them in for an internet upgrade, a Netflix subscription, and some cash to spare.

Skip the satellite dish; Uhura couldn't even make sence out of the 50,000 channels! It's not On-Demand if you give me a huge pile of everything imaginable along with an inventory (guide) that takes an hour to browse though.

And most of all, it's time to say good-bye to the bunny ears; sure, it may look like Spock could beam in and tweak that box to get you back to The City on the Edge of Forever, but I can promise that the chances of that fantacy coming true are about as fuzzy as your signal and probably slimmer than your tuning choices. :-)

In all seriousness...

Netflix has all the Trek series (and some movies) - Subscription is about $8/mo (no contract), and they are expected to add more current series soon.

For the current TV shows that Netflix doesn't offer... Since most network shows are serial these days, all the major networks stream last week's episode on their websites so people don't get lost and lose interest. If you've bought a TV in the last 5-7 years, you should be able to connect it to your PC and use it like a monitor (Best Buy will screw you on the price for wires, go with Amazon).

This setup will save you money, so start a piggy bank for DVD's to supplement your library; think Amazon, think Movie Stop, think "Is there a Blockbuster Video closing in my area" 

For everything else (news, weather, traffic etc.), think Search Engine.

The difference between the old surrender to the TV guide versus the future of On-Demand info and entertainment is analogous to my dog eating what I serve her versus the my choice of 21 different meals every week - it's liberating, empowering, and financially superior. 

Disclaimer: I do not represent Netflix, Amazon, Bill Gates, Al Gore, or Spock. I'm speaking purely from experience.

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