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For the Guys- How Sucessful are You with Women


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  I mean, I'm age 32, Heterosexual male, and ONLY had ONE Girlfriend in my Entire Life, do other men have Rotten Luck with Women, Getting Girlfriends,dates,Relationships,Sex,   Can any guy get a  Girlfriend Instantly or  Any Girl they Desire, I'm Confused about this,   How would you Describe your Sucess or lack of/ with women,  What am I doing Wrong,   Also, How do I acess all my Previous OLD POSTS on the  MessageBoards, anyone know how  Am I the only guy who has Trouble getting girls and sex


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  This is  Very Disturbing to me, the lack of Girls and Sex


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are you for real?

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Hi Garfield ! It helps to know who you are first , what your true likes and dislikes are . It is useful if your date understands your lifestyle and work . Example - Christian and Atheist Dates don't last long . And women like clean men  , who don't drink too much or are loudly obnoxious , such as telling fart or sex jokes when socialising . Or showing how loud you can burp !  

Here are some star trek sites for meeting women - 



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Haha! Sex. Like sex, respect and most important friendship has to earned in some time.
Sorry but a gal likes to see where your coming from. And its not all about looks either.
I don’t mind the occasional fart joke so long as some one doesn’t drink. I hate drunks period!
See, with every one. Requirements are all different. That’s why one must see where the other is coming from. Sex is the last thing on a real person’s mind. If someone has any self worth, the other party can wait till they earn it.

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I used to be a huge slut. Then I met the woman who is now my wife. That was 11 years ago.

I'd say I've had more than my fair share of success with women.

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  Yes, But Answer the Question, What am I doing wrong, at age 32, I only had ONE Girlfriend, do other Guys have Rotten Luck with Women, or just me and my Dad, I'm really sick of this Sh-t


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I'm fantastic! Ask your mom.

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