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Closet Artists


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Are you a closet artist secretly feeding your lust of creating and making things but for what ever reason you have to hide it or focus else where?

My dad is a closet artist. At least that’s what I believe.  He’s really good at making things such as home made knives like the wooden handle to the blade its self, or working with leather and creating other things with wood and or metal. He also dabbles in the occasional meal.  Even though there a bit on the naughty fat side its still delicious. Like his traditional cabbage roles and the traditional clear beef soup. There are other things too be I would be boring you. Besides I want to know what’s on your mind.

I think I get a lot of his artistic creativeness from him but I don‘t like to keep it in the closet like him .

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I closet crochet. To afraid of being called grandma 


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my husband painted a mural on a closet door once

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Not me. I'm more of a hobby-artist, and my g.g.g.uncle has old paintings in the Democracy Museum in Canberra.

But my grandpa was a carpenter and he used to be able to carve some really great pots and stuff -- functional, but still looked good if you know what I mean.

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