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What is your ultimate top 10 episodes ever of Star Trek?


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This is actually quite hard to pick just 10 episodes with so many good episodes to choose from but I have my 10 in no particular order:

1. Balance of Terror - TOS

2. Errand of Mercy - TOS

3. The City on the Edge of Forever - TOS

4. The Best of Both Worlds - TNG

5. Starship Mine - TNG

6. Blood Oath - DS9

7. The Way of the Warrior - DS9

8. The Sword of Kahless - DS9

9. Our Man Bashir - DS9

10. In A Mirror, Darkly - ENT

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The Doomsday Machine (STS 2)

Errand of Mercy (STS 1)

Balance of Terror (STOS 1)

In the Pale Moonlight (DS9: 6)

Inter Armin Elin Silent Leges (DS9 7)

The Visitor (DS9 4)

Duet (DS9 1)

All Good Things (TNG 7)

The Best of Both Worlds (TNG 3, 4)


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