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Piezoelectricity has many potential uses, mostly for generating electrical--or even fusion--energy.  Here is a simple application on a small scale.

Some textile fibers that were coated with zinc oxide (ZnO) have produced electricty from just the stress created by body movements or the wind blowing.  This is called a "self-powered nanosystem."

In 2008 the Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for Nanostructure Characterization produced a "flexible charge pump generator" that generated alternating current by stretching and relaxing nanowires made from zinc oxide--up to 45 millivolts.  It converts almost 7 percent of the mechanical energy that is applied into electricity.


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Just imagine a starship having large areas of the ship where such machine create the energy needed to power the ship and the engines.

No more need to worry about fuel consumption and storage.

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