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Possible reason why Star Terk into darkness get name


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When Federation is going though very dark times. The talk major fleet battles means great deal death or worst assimlation depend on who bad guys. Say villian very scary what more scary then Borg. 

On other hand might Federation it self going from real strick security messer and Federation going dark time own doing include proempt strike against Romulan and Klingon star Empires. Someways acting like did after sept 11 or build more militery fleet more militrized after conflict Rolulans existed. Taking type security messer off charts what needed.

Any other ideas why us term into darkness



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I could easily see the fallout from the destruction of Vulcan resulting in such a scenario. But "into darkness" could mean pretty much anything, from the Federation going down a dark path to the Enterprise voyaging into the darkness of space.

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That is certainly possible. ANYTHING is possible.


Of course, it's far MORE possible that it has nothing to do with "dark times for the federation" or strikes against enemy empires or whatever. Usually the major movies try to avoid fanwanky STO-style garbage like that.


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Maybe it has something to do with how everyone seems eviler than their TOS counterparts? Or possible because the whole movie has bad lighting?

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They had no money for color, so it bacame a black and white movie. They were also on budget for the lightning......

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JJ Abrams is no slouch! He knows when to take a page or two from the right places. I'm glad he doesn't listen to a lot of people on here because anything that moves the franchise closer to the realism that DS9 had is where it's at. Darkness is a proper way to go these days.

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Not the light or campy from the 80s or 60s. I see a lot of Sisko in Nu Kirk! (though ds9 did have some camp from time to time)

JJ Abrams is well on the way to correcting and fixing many of the problems Star Trek has had in the past. I'm sure if he chooses Gary or Khan he'll fix both those characters right up, along with a rumor (debunked?) that Peter Weller might play a less camped-out Kruge!

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