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Stellar Cartography & Astromestrics?


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Are they the same thing or different and if so what is the difference?


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I assume you mean "Astrometrics".

In ENT, the Astrometrics lab was the ship's location where Stallar Cartography was performed. I would assume, however, that Stallar Cartography is just one aspect of Astrometrics.

Stellar Cartography is simply mapping. It is far more complex, of course, than mapping the surface of a planet, as all bodies are in motion relative to one another, you're mapping a 3-dimensional space, and the vast distances involved mean being throrough and complete is extremely difficult. In the end, however, it is simply creating a visual reference for locations in interstellar space.

Astrometrics as a whole, on the other hand, likely involves heavy statistical analysis in order to sort of "predict" what we'll encounter next. 

A very simple example might be that if we're attempting to chart unexplored inhabitable planets, and we come across a star that tends to give off degrees of radition that make habitation of its solar system impossible, we'd likely decline to chart that system specifically because the odds of it having a habital planet are low. 

Astrometrics is (likely, my interpretation of course) the mathematical approach to the study of space. The main difference between what we usually see is that, typically, science deals in what is, and the only place for speculation is to form a testable hypothosis. Astrometrics, on the other hand, deals in probabilities and odds, and specifically attempts to fill in gaps in knowledge based on those probabilities so that a given starship can make the most efficient use of it's time.

I am a software designer. To us, "Metrics" are statistical measurements of consumer behavior. How many consumers use Feature A as opposed to Feature B, etc.. It's used to sort of "predict" what features in a software product the consumer is most greatly in need of, what features need refinement, etc.. 

Capt William Brewster

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**Smiles**, hello I am a fan of Astrometrics also and had created a starchart map.   Yessss to pilot a starship like the USS Enterprise in all it's variations as a helmsmen you have to think of yourself in a 8 Cubed galaxy inputting 3-4 part coordinants into your astrogators.   The input systems of the astrogators are based on 0-400's horizonally and spheres of northern and southern spheres of 0-300's square slices.   An quadrant of space is divided into sectors that are about 1000 cubes wide by 1000 cubes high.  With Parsect cubes of 6.5 lightyear cube blocks that are the same distances of Quadrants, remember Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Quadrants make up the entire Milkyway Galaxy and everything in it.   So you navigate having an idea your living in a Cube Galaxy using stellar landmarks to plot your courses.

Captain William Brewster

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