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DS9 & Enterprise thoughts

Jim Kirk

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First off I haven't been around in awhile, second is I hope I can be back like I was in the past.

Now on to the topic:

I am currently watching DS9, for the first time, I am about to start season 6, NO SPOILERS PLEASE.  Those of you who know me know that I was turned off of DS9 when it first aired, I watched the first few episodes and gave up.  Well I am here to say the show is awesome!  I cant wait till I have time to begin season 6.

Now some of you out there may think the way I did but with Enterprise.  I highly recommend you give Enterprise an honest try.  The show is very good the first couple of seasons may be a littlew slow but it does get better.  Imagine if the canceled DS9 right after they abandoned DS9 I dedicated the last show to TNG.

Once I complete DS9 I will probably be seen over in that topic section.

Please I beg of you folks no spoilers.

If I could watch DS9 some of you can give Enterprise an honset try.

Come on you Enterprise haters come over to the good side


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I agree completely!

I have a unique view of Trek, because I was born in 1989, so a good portion of Trek was already around when I was only a baby.

I started getting into Star Trek in about 1999 or 2000 when I was 10 years old, and I got started with TNG. My dad had won an auction on ebay, which was the complete first season of TNG on VHS tapes, and I started watching the VHS tapes with him, and really got into TNG. At the time I didn't even know of DS9 or Voyager, and Enterprise had not even started yet. All I knew was TOS and TNG, and I knew I definitely didn't like TOS (I do now, cut me some slack I was 10 and it's dated) I started watching TNG on re-runs when it started coming on TNN now known as Spike, and I just got REALLY into it.

So during 2002 I was super excited when TNG started coming out on dvd, which is when I really started getting obsessed with Trek.

So once I had seen all of TNG, and found out there were other Trek series aside from TOS, I was really excited. At that point I knew about Enterprise, and my dad liked it, but I hated it. I was really OCD, and I didn't like that Enterprise was before TOS but was clearly a show made in modern time. I thought they should have made Enterprise look like it really was made in the early 60's or 50's so it would be believable. Yes I know, very dumb argument, but remember 12 year old logic = retarded lol

So anyway, as anyone would know, TNG is really bad about hogging the spot light and is the only series to come on in re-runs, so I knew about DS9 and Voyager and really wanted to see them, but never got to because they weren't on regular tv. So in 2003 when DS9 started coming to DVD, I was so excited, and at first I was wondering if it would be as good as TNG, and let me tell you, DS9 blew me away! I absolutely loved it! To this day DS9 is my favorite series.

So I was even more excited for Voyager when it started coming out in 2004, and even though some don't like Voyager, it sure didn't disappoint me one bit. I also really enjoyed it and loved it.

So I had a unique view of getting to go into all the series, having them in their completion, not knowing anything about them, and I think that may have added to my enjoyment of them.

Now I still didn't like TOS or ENT yet. That happened around 2007, 2008 somewhere in that range. I just gradually kept loving Trek more and more, and it started bugging me that there was Trek out there that I didn't own, and had not seen.

And I was in luck because that was right when they started releasing TOS remastered, which is what I got and I absolutely loved it. And I also got Enterprise, and with both series I was like man this is incredible, why did I not like this before?

And I can honestly say that I hate myself for not supporting Enterprise when it aired, because Enterprise deserved 7 seasons, and it only went 4 seasons, with Season 3 and 4 both being shortened seasons because too many fans abandoned it and refused to support it. So I say never again. I enjoy the JJ Abrams Trek, but it's my least favorite, but I will always go and support it anyway because I want to make sure that Trek continues.

If only fans would have supported Enterprise, it probably would've made it to it's true end.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of DS9!

Personally, Season 6 and 7 are my favorite seasons of DS9, and Season 7 is my favorite Season in all of Star Trek.

My ranking of the series are as follows,




Next Generation


Original Series/Animated Series


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Yes, when I saw the first episode of DS9, I thought it was pretty bad. Sisko seemed like a jerk, not to mention Kira, and the prophets thing was kind of strange.

Later, I came back to it and was surprised at how good it was! Season 3 on was some of the best trek ever.

About Enterprise, I think it gets better the more you watch it. When I first saw it, I was annoyed about the lack of technology. (Beam them out! Lock a tractor beam! Oh, wait...)  When I got used to it, I really liked it.

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DS9 and Enterprise are my first and second favorite ST series, respectively. ENT season 4 was especially epic.

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Seasons 6 and 7 are magnificent. You're in for a ride!

Also, i did love Enterprise from the first time i wathed it.

DS9 RULES!!!!!


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I liked some of the characters, like Dr. Phlox, but the show seemed too "retro" to me.

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DS9 is far and above TNG and TOS! Sisko is one of the best characters ever. Though I like TOS and its movies at second. They really knew what they were doing with DS9. It was much more real and had some of the best characters. Not a lot of camp like the other series. (though it did have some at times)


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I LOVED Deep Space Nine from day one, the only one i bonded with that strongly.

I would put Classic Trek as number two, Next Gen as number three, Enterprise was number four and Voyager trailed behind in fifth.

Abrams stuff is not even on my list.

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