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housekeeping questions


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I think I've discussed this before, but (approaching 60 standard years of age) I have forgotten.  So, please forgive me, if this thread seems redundant to you.

In Jefferies tubes and other crawl-spaces aboard Federation starships, some dust or other particles of grime probably accumulate.  Does the Engineering Department use small robots with cleaning cloths or some type of electromagnetic field, to dust these spaces?  An engineer or technician crawling through them, for hours at a time, would certainly appreciate their being cleaned on a regular basis.

Although there is probably less dust on a starship than on a planet, there are still things that could make your uniform dirty.

Does anyone know about this?

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I'm not sure if that was ever addressed in any of the series. But, with the miracles of technology, everything is probably coated with some form of dust repellant that keeps it from sticking and/or zaps it into non-existence. lol

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