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2013 Vegas - Gold Package for "younger" person?


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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to decide if I should go for the gold. It will be my first convention.

I'm planning a trip to Vegas for my family and I'm planning it around the convention time.

Right now the only reason I was going to purchase gold was because the seating/line priority and I'm not sure that justifies $750 (I was going o buy gold for me, and just purchase weekend passes for the other 2 members of fam that aren't really into Trek).

I've looked at videos/pictures of the "extras" like the parties..and I think it's more aimed at older people. I've seen vids of the dessert party, and another trek party at the convention and it looks like older married couples -- makes sense as not many younger people can afford to splurge nearly a grand just on tiks alone and for 1!

I also like the actors for THEIR ROLES, etc -- but I don't have a lot of interest in hearing them play jazz for 2 hours out of character, etc, especially if it's lesser knowns.

Samething with autographs, I plan to take pics/get autos but it's going to be w/ the more popular actors, probably not anyone on the freebie list. 

How bad is seating on general admission?

What about "prefferred" seating--How far to the side are we?





randy kerr

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go for it.


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I purchased a gold ticket today, I'm gonna be in the 7th row!

I'm STILL not really looking forward to the "extra freebies (parties/free autos)" but did it b/c line priority and the seating and b/c apparently we got comp admission to everything else, so we'll see if Gold was worth it for someone in early-mid 20's. 







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I just purchased a gold ticket myself, first time attending. The main reason I did it was for the line priority as well. I only plan on doing this once and don't want to waste my time there lining up.

As for the extras, I just figure "why not", there are a few stars on the autograph list that I maybe wouldn't pursue separately, but am interested in getting their auto as part of the package.

I haven't seen pictures of the dinner, but it is only one night, so if it's good, awesome, if not, you can leave whenever you want. They say they reserve the club till midnight, and I think it's a dance club and bar.

In the pictures I have seen of the convention there is a mix of young and old alike, and hey, you're in Vegas. I don't think you will have to worry about having a good time.


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