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What would you say are the political views of all 5 captains?


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Report this Oct. 16 2012, 10:28 pm

Quote: A.J.Dembroski @ Oct. 16 2012, 8:43 am


>Archer- Progressive for seasons 1 and 2, transitions to Libertarian through season 3. He'd vote Democrat early, Republican later.

>Kirk- Moderate with conservative tendencies, would vote based on candidate, likely majority toward Republicans.

>Picard- Progressive Liberal, borderline socialist, definite democrat voter.

>Cisco [lol]- Pragmatist, will vote for whoever is going to address the issues he cares about at the time. Political philosophy is secondary to addressing the issue at hand, perhaps even regardless of how.


I mostly agree. I don't think Picard is borderline socialist, he seemed more of a smart open-minded person who wouldn't think about politics, though I think he would vote democrat mostly.

I agree totaly with Archer. He started out like a progressive atheist, and then turned more to libretarian.

I also agree on Sisko, (not cisco) I like how he was smart about everything, thinking ahead, not jumping to judge everyone.

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