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What is most fans opinion of the movies ?


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I am thinking about getting the box set of movies with the original cast and the next generation cast. I have heard that the next generation movies were very bad. So tell me what is most fans opinions on these movies? like which ones should I watch and which ones should I avoid watching  


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I think for the majority of the fans the TNG movie "First Contact" would be awesome after that  "Generations" followed by "Nemesis".


The TOS movies are with exception of ST:TMP  all prefered.


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I would get the full box set. 

As for TNG movies, I think First Contact is great, Generations is a sentimentality to me, Insurrection and Nemesis are alright, though Nemesis does have some great action sequences.

And TOS movies, I love The Voyage Home and The Undiscovered Country, I like The Wrath of Kahn, The Search for Spock is fairly decent, The Final Frontier and The Motion Picture are also to me just alright, I would rank those two at the bottom of my Star Trek list.

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