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End game - What just happened?


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I agree, Endgame was indeed rushed. I was very fustrated that they just decided to end the series when they really didn't plan it out. I feel that they had too much to wrap up with all the character and probably could have done another season tow wrap it up. One thing I think they should have considered was doing a few episodes after to show what happenedto everyone. Did the Maquis get punished when they got back. There is just so much that I wanted to know.  They books helped wrap the up the loose ends, I feel that the books took to much freedom on what happened to characters though. Didn't really like the books.


I have heard the same thing about the borg queen, that there are copies of her and she is replaced when the current queen is killed.


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- 1) The Federation in the future had shipwise great advantages. Shield plating. But the klingon had nothing of any?

I never got the impression that the technology was the defacto for starfleet. More like Janeway's prototype. Bear in mind that the Klingon was particularly interested in the shield generator. If it was standard starfleet issue they would have known about it. His intrigue seems more like it was something new to him.

- 2) Voyager has absolutely no problem adding shield plating to the ship? In fact, it's done in only a couple of moments, even in the onscreen timespan. 

It's television. They can't spend half the episode retrofitting the ship. Remember Scorpion? Seven was the only drone left sp the Voayger crew outfitted Voyager with Borg weaponry while in fluidic space in a very short time on-screen (they had to do it before Species 8472 arrived, and Seven started that their entry into fluidic space created a bubble or something alerting 8472)

- 3) If the borg has so many hubs, why not sending an entire fleet to every corner of the galaxy and conquer it in only a matter of days?

There isn't a lot said about the usage or age of the hubs. The only episode where the Borg are deteacted coming towards earth in "TNG:Q Who". I First Contact, where did the cube come from? The hub could have  been in use, or it could have been recently completed. Seven was in the hive mind and she didn't know of it's location., though she knew of it's existence. 

- 4) With the Borgqueen falling apart, the entire unicomplex explodes. Does it means the Borg has been defeated forever?

The Borg queen is destroyed in "First Contact", and that movie establishes that she ws on the cube that assimilated Picard, so it's reasonable to say she was destroyed in "TNG:Q Who" as well. She was then presumably destroyed in "VOY: Dark Frontier" if we hold the belief that the diamond was her personal means of transport. I don't think she was destroyed in "VOY:Unimatrix Zero" so "VOY:Endgame" makes the 4th time she was destroyed and the 3rd time on screen.  it is logical to assume that her consciousness is reimplanted into a different host upon destruction of the last. In "VOY: Dark Frontier" she revealed that she was originally from Species 126. Who was the queen when she was assimilated? Species 126 is the 126th species to be added to the collective so there had to be a Queen before her. Same consciousness, differetn host. 

- 5) Tom Paris sees his father live for the first time in 7 years on a huge screen in front him and both men show absolutely no emotions...?

I don't think that's accurate. It is logical to assume that Tom spoke to his father on-screen in "Author Author". It was established in season 4's "Hunters" that the only person Tom would contact (or that would want to contact him) was Admiral Owen Paris. So in "Author Author" when each crewmember gets 3 minutes to talk to someone, it's presumable that's who he spoke to, especially since no fuss it made of his choice for the allotment. Aside from that, Admiral Paris was always been a little dry to me, and Tom's wife was in labour, he had just pilated through a transwarp conduit and through the debris of a Borg vessel so I he had a lot on his mind, more than most on the ship. 

- 6) Deep Space 9 had the best ending of any series I 've ever seen, considering the last 10 episodes they needed to give closure to everything and anything. Why Voyager only 2?

The writers admitted they didn't know how they were going to end the series. There was a tossup between leaving the ship in the Delta Quadrant and bringing them home. However, they did setup a couple things. Neelix leaving in "Homestead" and Seven's infactuation with Chakotay in "Human Error" and "Natural Law".

However, I recently rewatched "Endgame" and I want to say this. The pisode wasn't as abrupt as people make it out ot be and it didn't have to show what happened when they reached earth. You have to see Endgame this way, the jumped forward to the end and showed you how the ship got home and what happened to the crew. The episode begins by showing you the outcome (they could have ended there if they wanted, the ship got home, we knew how and we knew what happened afterwards). do not think of this as an alternate timeline, THIS IS THE REAL TIMELINE. Admiral Janeway then alters that timeline by going back to the present (where Season 7 was currently at). The time period Janeway jumps to is not far from the other season 7 episodes as Neelix is being questions about his new family and Torres is finally due. Kim's speech summed it up. The episode is NOT about the destination but about the journey. The ship got home, but the writers didn't just want the ship to get home, they wanted to send off the crew doing something they believe in (destroying the Borg). The journey is shortened but made more impactful. As for seeing what happens after, I think the original timeline is a pretty good indication of what will happen (just sooner) and for the dialogue is highly indicative of what Seven, Chakotay and Tuvok pan to do on reaching the Alpha Quadrant, which compensates for them not being alive in the original timeline (Seven will be debriefed by starfleet and apply for a useful position, Chakotay will make sure whatever he does is in transporter range of Seven and Tuvok will head to Vulcan for treatment of his condidion. That's what will immediately happen on reaching earth, along with what the Original timeline shows (fireworks, promotions etc.)

Sorry for the earfull but this is my first major contribution in years. 


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Definately want a better ending scene.I always felt let down.

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