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What Episode of StarTrek The Original Series made you a TOS fan?


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I'd say "Charlie X" as well.

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Amok Time, By Any Other Name, Galileo Seven and Let This Be Your Last Battlefield to name a few that sucked me in, oh and lets not forget The Way to Eden!


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It's hard to say as I purposefully set out to start watching Star Trek (I have never seen it on TV as I don't have cable). I have many that I really liked, but I would probably go with the pilot, The Cage, since it is the first one I saw and if I hadn't liked it I probably wouldn't have watched any more.

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Like some others, I got into Star Trek because of the "new movies". So I'm still in the "catching up" stages (even though I watched Star Trek in the 70's as a kid but I didn't remember many details). Initially I found it really hard to get into TOS. That slowly changed after Dagger of the mind and The Corbomite Manouver which I both really enjoyed, but the episode that *really* got me into TOS, was The Menagerie. It blew me away.


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The Trouble with Tribbles. That is the episodes that has stuck in my mind for years and years since seeing as a kid.


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I started watching it as a child in the 70s.  It was on Saturday afternoons, in syndication.  It wasn't until my teens, in the 80s that I truly appreciated it, and loved it.  By far, my favorite episode is "Spectre of the Gun" where Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and McCoy end up on a strange planet, destined to re-live the gunfight at the OK Corral.  Besides the stroyline, I found the way it was filmed was creepy, with a Twilight Zone-ish feel.  I loved it.  I have been a die-hard Trekkie ever since.

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