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What Episode of StarTrek The Original Series made you a TOS fan?


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Amok Time


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"The Apple"

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I had seen the Wrath of Khan and wanted to see more.  My dad told me (this was back around 1984) that there was a series that ran in the 60's based on those characters when they were younger and that I should check the listings and look for re-runs.  I found them.  To my surprise and delight, not long after that, they began to run every day on local channel 3 a half hour after I came home from school, so I taped them all, edited out the commercials by hitting the "pause", and had the complete series by the end of a 3.5 - 4 month tape-trek.  One day I came home to a bag on my bed left by my older brother, inside it was a Mego Kirk, two Mego communicators, and two ape soldiers from Planet of the Apes.  I don't know what I'd be into if there wasn't a Star Trek.

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I can't temember it being one specific episode. I would watch any of it even if I had seen it before. I loved it all.

DeeBee Ortiz

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Probably the first one that got my attention was "Where No Man has Gone Before," but my favorites include:

"City on the Edge of Forever"

"A Piece of the Action"

"Devil in the Dark"

"Patterns of Force"

And, of course, "The Trouble with Tribbles" recieves a special mention for the funniest episode of Trek ever written (IMHO).

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Thot Pren

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Where No Man Has Gone Before. Still my favorite TOS episode ever. Spooky, edgy, action packed. Too bad ESPers were never really discussed again, I liked the idea of people beginning to realize their psychic potential in the future, but I guess it could have been a bit redundant with the Vulcan psychic powers too. Lots of others, City on the Edge of Forever, The Enterprise Incident, Operation: Annihilate!, Space Seed, etc. etc.

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Doomsday Machine and Mirror Mirror.


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I was younger than 10 when I first caught STAR TREK.
And the first episode I remember being fond of was
the one with Apollo in it. I had never seen a man cry,
that I could recall, at that tender age, even on TV ...

Seeing how desperately he defended his temple and how,
after it was destroyed, he told Marilyn Monroe ...
"look what you've done to me," tears rolling down his
cheeks. He could've killed them for what they did to him.
Instead he bore his soul. I thought that was "adult". HA!!!


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The Corbomite Maneuver, definitely


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Space Seed was the first i see, that was the episode that made me a fan of Star Trek.


That's a great episode to start with- liek the same way THE WRATH OF KHAN is a good movie to start with. Khan is just plain awesome.

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"The Trouble With Tribbles!" Such a great one ^-^

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randy kerr

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all of them.


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The first episode!


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Can't be sure. I don't remember a time when I wasn't watching Star Trek as my dad got me into it when I was young. We had VHS copies of Is there in Truth No Beauty and Metamorphis though, one of them might have been my first one.

one trekie

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