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The U.S.S. Enterprise-B

Admiral James T. Kirk

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What happened to the Enterprise-B? We know the fate of all of the other enterprise incarnations but what about the Enterprise-B? Did it die like eithr of Kirks Enterprises or Did it Go down for no reason like Picard's Enterprise-D?


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As far as I know on the Enterprise-B did indeed Cpt. Kirk disappear into the Nexus. She was on her first flight commanded by Cpt. John Harriman as reinforcement for the refugees from the Lacol system when Kirk sacrificed himself rescueing the ship. The refugees by the way did escape from the Borg.


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She was probably decommisioned, Kirks death was a crippling bit of publicity.
The Ambassador classed Enterprise - C was launched not too long after sugesting that if it had any service record it must have been VERY short.


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Not diecommised Riker talk part past misson rule tha thoery out. I say destroy all likehood not impossible entire crew died well.


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Enterprise B- Commisioned 2293- ?

Enterprise C - Commisioned 2332- 2344

seems like the "B" could have had a fair share of Enterprise stories to tell from those dates.


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Why don't they make a new series out of it!

Shirou Goenji

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In memory alpha it says that it was probably in service for 40 years that establish the decomissionin 2333, but we have to think that maybe the Enterprise C wan't complete yet and it was comissioned or maybe the Enterprise B was decomissioned one year before.

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