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Best acting


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So i was thinking, Some episodes I like because of the plot. Others i like because of the acting within.

My favorite would have to be  DS9-Far Beyond the Stars. Avery brooks may have had the best performance, he seemed very interested in the role Benny. So i wanna know what everyone's opinion is.


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Picard was always believable. 'The Inner Light' and 'Chain Of Command'  stick out.


Sisko was hot and cold, sometimes great, sometimes meh. Definately improved after he grew the beard and gained the pip.


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hahaha yeah, sisko had bad episodes and good. the beard had was a nice touch tho


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As I either like DS9 the most of the whole franchise ST09 did a great job. Let's see what Star Trek "Into Darkness" will bring. Chris Pine is a noteable succesor to William Shattner.


My favorite ep is still the arc of DS9 "Improble Cause" & "The Die is Cast".


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From all the Trek that I've seen so far (ENT, TOS, TOS films, TNG and the first 2 seasons of DS9,) I would have to go with Patrick Stewart's performance in "THe Inner Light." I was absolutely captivated by what he brought to that episode. Simply fantastic, the best acting in Trek I've seen without a doubt.


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Agreed. "The Inner Light" was amazing.

Brent Spiner also had a lot of complex roles. It can't be easy playing an emotionless(?) android.

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"Inner Light." from TNG is the 1st ,

and the 2nd will go to DS9's episode ,  "the writer" or something similiar

title where sisko lost in time and Jack tried to bring him back.





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I think Jolene Blalock was brilliant overall considering how poorly her character was written at times.

The worst acting came from the same show... Anthony Montgomery. Seemed like every line as just slightly over-acted. Didn't seem to have a feel for it. Did not come off as a professional actor to me.


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If I could only remember the names of some of the one-time guest stars. There were some pretty good ones that were better than any of the cast(s)


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Best:  Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Scott Bakula, Connor Trinneer for the regulars, Andreas Katsulas (Tomalak), Jeffrey Combs (mainly Shran, but also his other characters)

Worst:  William Shatner, Avery Brooks, Diana Muldaur

As for Anthony Montgomery, I didn't think he was all that bad usually, although there were a few really bad scenes, much like many of the TOS cast that never really got developed.

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