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are neutrinos verterons?


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Some people think neutrinos can travel faster than light and have mass.


 Could they therefore be like Star Trek verterons, in wormholes and subspace corridors?

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Even with the evidence present most still want further testing of neutrino travelling faster than the light photon.


What I think happened is that for a split second the neutrino left normal space enterted sub-space and jumped to a higher orbital in the same manner that an electron jumps to a different orbital and then returned to normal space ahead of the light photon.

I do not see any other explanation other than the above as being the reason.

We know that light photons do not have mass, but, they do have the potential to create mass in the form of organic systems growing and evolving to various sizes to produce energy from a light photon that supplies other cells with the necessary energy.

I think the answer to how the neutrino was able to arrive ahead of the light photon will be found in either the muon or tau that are very short lived.

In TNG Guide to the Enterprise FTL travel is explained by the ship manking many ''small jumps" through subspace where the ship would enter subspace traveling faster than light and then remerge briefly in order to keep the ship from flying apart.

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