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How could Klingon successful conquest UFP in first place Yesterday Enterpise time Dominion terriable doing it


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If would have been hard enough for Dominion and allies true conquest the UFP in Dominion war. then how Klingon Empire able to do it in Star Terk yesterday Enterpise can someone please explain?

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HUH? Okay,I Think I Know What you Are Asking; My Theory Is The Klingons Know  The UFP Better Than The Dominion.


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Having dealt with the Federation longer and on a more up close and personal basis, the Klingons would have known the Federation better, our weaknesses and strengths, etc. But, you also have to remember that it was a different time frame with less powerful ships and different mind sets. The Federation at the time was making all sorts of peace overtures and whatnot, as well as discussing (and probably doing) dismantling space stations and starbases along the Neutral Zone, which would mean their defenses would have been severely reduced once the Klingons decided to launch a full scale assault. Also, they didn't do it easily. If you'll recall, the war in Yesterday's Enterprise had been going on for like 25 years or something, but the Klingons still hadn't won. They were getting close, and Picard said the situation was terrible, but the Federation was still fighting. Anyone fighting a protracted war, regardless of how well armed or prepared, stands the chance of losing. Look what we did to the British in the Revolutionary War, and we were majorly out-manned and out-gunned.

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The Klingons are a warlike race, not deterred by losses or doubts, like more-sensitive races might be.  Their command structure is almost monolithic, in time of war, so there is a unified effort to win.

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The Klingons hadn't actually conquered the UFP. They were starting to win a war that they'd been fighting for a very, very long time. When the Federation fights the Dominion later on, they had allies, including the Klingons themselves. I guess it's better to have them at your back, rather than on the other side.


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Those are valid points, and here are some more:

The Dominion was so far away that there was only 1 way to reach UFP space, and that was a very narrow path that eventually got blocked.

The Dominion was trying to conquer several major powers at once, and in its arrogance, turned a 3 on 3 into a 4 on 2 during a major engagement.

In a UFP vs Klingon war, all of the cloaked ships would have been against the UFP, not some working with the UFP.

In the alternate timeline, the UFP may have considered it necessary to keep some of its forces protecting other borders to deal with other major powers being tempted to exploit the opportunity to grab up a few systems.  The Romulans would have been a concern, and I don't know how far back trouble with the Cardsassians goes, or any other faction that bordered UFP space.

The Klingons may have had support from the Romulans and/or others that would benefit from a UFP vs Klingon war.

Also, I suspect that the dire situation was simply a plot device to get Yar to go back in time, especially since the actress was brought back to the series for that episode, and then started showing up as Sela.



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The cloaked ships of the Klingons (and possibly Romulans?) is a great point! Although the Klingons were fewer in numbers, they were like the Spartans in Earth history, who conquered Athens for awhile.

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Plot hole that's how and not to mention the portrayal of the human race as weak babies and, the fact that the UFP had none other then human ships and no military ships at all...

And i'm guessing but they only targeted military assets which means they didn't use terror like it has been used in every war on earth...

25 years in war and they don't use cloak..



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Sorry but what dose UFP stand for



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UFP stand for United Federation of planets.

Accord map date it Klingon either at war Romulan star Empire having cold peace need fleet location right near the Romulan Klingon and Federation netural zone.

Point is that the Dominion leaders talk after conquest the UFP so issues number starship after won war and the terriories big issues in that.

Accord map date it show Klingon Empire lack doubt right decide take two major power by themselves maybe more.

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