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Walter Keonig and Tim Russ Working On New Series Pilot


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Report this Sep. 30 2012, 12:46 pm

Well, here we go again, Tim Russ is spearheading work on a new series that he thinks will be good enough to be picked up by a major TV station - and he wants our help. Check out the details here:

Looks a little sparce right now, but with a few funds via crowdsourcing, they should be able to pull it off. Hats off to TIm, who's already got our beloved Chekov (now an Admiral?) working on this project.


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Report this Jan. 03 2013, 3:01 am

Glad to hear it, has to be something better than the idiocy of Abe Trek

D. Cottingham

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Great news!

D. Cottingham

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After doing some reading about this it looks like that even if Star Trek: Renegades isn't picked up by CBS it will be turned into a web series.


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I think you can bet every possession you own that it will not be picked up by CBS. 


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I wouldn't mind seeing STAR TREK veterans
- like Russ and Keonig - working on a web
series connected with the new movies coming
out. Interviewing the lesser known, unsung
heroes involved in its making and so forth.

Go into the merchandising campaigns and what
might be collectible from this series, down the
line, etc. It would be nice to see faces from the
past series actively promoting the movie, that way.


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Report this Mar. 19 2013, 4:56 am

I'm one of the donators for this web series.

Here's the scoop: Tim Russ and Walter Koenig are working to develop this pilot for a new Trek show. The pilot will be made and released online, regardless of it is bought or not by CBS. The team already have enough funding and a final script is being prepared, in order to shoot this pilot around summer-time.

Russ hopes to pitch the show as a web series rather than afull cost live acton show, in the hopes CBS will be more inclined to pick it up.

My personal take is that with the franchise heavily invested in the JJ-verse, going back to the Prime universe seems unlikely, as major studios think of their audiance as simpletons who couldn't posibly keep up with to timelines at once.


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I didn't like Tim and Walter's "Of Gods and Men" so I think I'll pass. I do wish them well.

It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want. - Spock


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Don't encourage them!

Can't Tim and Walter get real gigs,
since they were in STAR TREK?
This makes them appear desperate, if you ask me.
Tim ... Walter ... stop embarassing yourselves!
Leave the nerdy fanboy movies to nerdy fanboys
and regain your pride ...

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